Boardtrack racer build, Hillbilly style.

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G'day, just about completed another BTR build, got a little more to do, but with the interest in BTR's , thought I'd share it with you.

Started out with a frame from a disposable MTB, found in the hard garbage collection. Cut an' shut it a little, fillet brazed and hand filed. Forks are cut down 28' blades with a custom made crown and reinforcements. Fitted up a big bore HT China motor that I fettled for a little extra go on custom solid mounts. Made a tank out of some 1mm mild steel, lead soldered, the filler is out of 3/4 brass plumbing fittings, turned and knurled on the lathe+ a vintage brass tap.

Still needs some more details finished, exhaust is to be extended out the back with a muffler and fish-tail. Sounds phat with the short exhaust just a little too loud for the street. Paint, needs more 'rustikiki' and some decals for the tank. Seat is to be replaced with a custom steel pan with bracing to the frame and leather covered. I have a Sachs VT drum brake to lace into the front wheel, she don't stop so good with just a coaster ( especially on wet grass ).


'Hillbilly' Steve.

ooops! I can't spell - boArdtrack


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That frame is amazing is there any chance you'd be willing to sell me one?
That is what I want to build I have the racer frame and now need to get parts - can you detail where you found some of those parts? Like the seat, the fork peice etc...?

Very cool. I have been staring at the voctor motored one for ages.
Beautiful, 100% old school ;)

But, i must say, are you planning let the exhaust output free? it's well know that 2 strokes engine, need some way to restrict the air flow throw the exhaust to keep some of the unburned mixture in the cylinder (and some of the fresh mixture from the transfers too). Letting the exhaust output free, can also mean that you engine will run lean unless you re-jet it (with all that means).

Anyway, it a really nice bike!
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I like :)

Its the small details on it that make all the difference.

Im also a little concerned about the exhaust backpressure although I bet it sounds pretty good :)

have fun riding

Jemma xx
Looks awesome! I bet that sounds pretty good with an open exhaust, just make sure your running the mixture as rich as possible and you should be ok with out the backpressure. Great job though! Just noticed that custom chain idler, very nice.
thanks for the replies,

it's not finished yet, I plan on putting a muffler on the exhaust which will have baffles to create some back pressure.

I plan to sell a few of these frame, fork and tank combo's just have to refine the design a bit more before I can work out a price.

everything that comes from your shop is quality work. looks great!!
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