Boardtrack racer build, Hillbilly style.

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G'day, just about completed another BTR build, got a little more to do, but with the interest in BTR's , thought I'd share it with you.

Started out with a frame from a disposable MTB, found in the hard garbage collection. Cut an' shut it a little, fillet brazed and hand filed. Forks are cut down 28' blades with a custom made crown and reinforcements. Fitted up a big bore HT China motor that I fettled for a little extra go on custom solid mounts. Made a tank out of some 1mm mild steel, lead soldered, the filler is out of 3/4 brass plumbing fittings, turned and knurled on the lathe+ a vintage brass tap.

Still needs some more details finished, exhaust is to be extended out the back with a muffler and fish-tail. Sounds phat with the short exhaust just a little too loud for the street. Paint, needs more 'rustikiki' and some decals for the tank. Seat is to be replaced with a custom steel pan with bracing to the frame and leather covered. I have a Sachs VT drum brake to lace into the front wheel, she don't stop so good with just a coaster ( especially on wet grass ).


'Hillbilly' Steve.

ooops! I can't spell - boArdtrack


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hey guy's thanks again for the great reply's,

to answer DougC's question, I'm 6', by the scaling effect of using 26" wheels as apposed to the originals 28" wheels means that you end up with a pretty small bike, I don't find it that uncomfortable just riding it under power but it wouldn't be practical to pedal it for any further than is needed to start it!
What I set out to make was a bike that closely resembled the originals, practicality was a secondary consideration to style.

I'm looking at making a slightly larger version, the frame jig I've made for these is adjustable to allow for some variations.

Could I squeeze a Briggs& Stratton motor in? Topcat, it would be a tight fit and need different engine mounts, but anything is possible in the world of fabrication.


'hillbilly' steve.
looks professional. i like the styling.

Thanks- It's mostly a stock Spooky Tooth Hot Shoe Racer. I wish I could take credit. I've certainly customized mine with a better post and saddle, the bob fender, bars, and stem, as well as tires and the chrome fork and v-brakes, but the core is Spooky. Good guys too.

Hillbilly Steve's bike is the **** though. Blows mine out of the water.
lovin it

gota say that is a pretty frame job. Its almost a shame you had to use hitensile doner, woldn't it be sweet to see what could be done w/ some nice 831. Count me in for a frame. Where are you out of?
Hey hillbilly, i just sent you a pm, im very keen on on of these fame/tank/fork set up's. im currently in Sydney Australia but am flying to Toronto Canada on September 18 for 2 years with a mate and my girlfriend. ill be doing some travelling and playing some hockey. drop me a line so we can discuss the monetary side of these. I've built a few choppers and BTR's in the past but wont have access to welders or anything more complicated then screw drivers and a spanner or 2 when i get to Toronto...


if you need anything more complicated like welders and other stuff i'm only an hour and a half away from toronto pm me and i'll give you contact details, i'm in niagara falls
Yes, cool.
Nice to see something out of the norm on here.
I think the styling of your frame looks better than those high priced antique style bike frame kits we all have seen.
Nice work.
I love this frame you should really think about selling a few frame sets Id buy one for sure !!
Great build can't wait to see the finished bike love the old school look to it.
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