Boardtrack racer build, Hillbilly style.

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G'day, just about completed another BTR build, got a little more to do, but with the interest in BTR's , thought I'd share it with you.

Started out with a frame from a disposable MTB, found in the hard garbage collection. Cut an' shut it a little, fillet brazed and hand filed. Forks are cut down 28' blades with a custom made crown and reinforcements. Fitted up a big bore HT China motor that I fettled for a little extra go on custom solid mounts. Made a tank out of some 1mm mild steel, lead soldered, the filler is out of 3/4 brass plumbing fittings, turned and knurled on the lathe+ a vintage brass tap.

Still needs some more details finished, exhaust is to be extended out the back with a muffler and fish-tail. Sounds phat with the short exhaust just a little too loud for the street. Paint, needs more 'rustikiki' and some decals for the tank. Seat is to be replaced with a custom steel pan with bracing to the frame and leather covered. I have a Sachs VT drum brake to lace into the front wheel, she don't stop so good with just a coaster ( especially on wet grass ).


'Hillbilly' Steve.

ooops! I can't spell - boArdtrack


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Final Product

Hillbully, you have to post some pics when you get this bike painted. You have killer details on this bike and I would love to see the final product.

I do believe that IS the final product - the faded, worn through paint look and general patina of age was his deliberate choice, and an excellent one indeed. Some things actually look better old, than they do shiny and new. Betty Grable comes to mind.
Yeah, it looks good with the "old patina", although with those details it might look like a real museum piece with a nice paint job if that's what you are after.
Either way its cool.

Hey Guys,

Im wanting to fabricate a vintage, big tank similar to hillbilly's one here. One very similar to the kind on derringer bikes. Ive given up on finding a commercially availble one (unless you guys know where to find one) so is there any way to contruct a fiberglass or metal frame around the little 1/2 gallon tank taht comes with most engine kits?

Im planning on using a firmstrong chief frame to copy the derringer/board track racer style. Im way too tall for a derringer or ridley or spooky tooth bike. The chief has an awkward super curved top bar so I want to sit a big gas tank down on top of it a bit to cover it up. It a stretch but I have the time, just need the know how advice.
nice build

Very nice grass roots style bike !!!

I just wish some one would make a nice 4-stroke motor rather than the overseas stuff
Scottyo, search the forums for Houghmades tank build. he'll tell you or point you in the right direction.
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