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  1. dash

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    rad rockets 1 007.JPG
    this bike has a true droop loop frame made of .095 steel and if you notice the hand fabricated gas tank and crank case all made from 14 gage steel the tank is seald and was pressure tested before gas was ever run through it hevy duity spokes and a real lether seat , this bike runs like a champ and gets all the looks at the car shows. I'm asking 1300. check out this web site with some of my other bikes for sale i also build bikes redy to put your own motor in , a do it your self kit thanks for looking
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  2. dash

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    this is a bike you buy and put your own grubee kit in they start at 500
    blue bike.jpg
  3. wheelbender6

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    Sounds like a deal for a bottom loop frame with a custom tank.
  4. dash

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    Its realy a good deal if I added the hours in to it would be a nother 1500
  5. chainmaker

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    I might be interested in just a tank and frame. PM me if that is available.
  6. Chris Crew

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    looks nice
    is that rear seat support welded on, or do you have it bolted through the frame?
  7. dash

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    The seat is welded to a bracket then it is bolted to the frame it also clips in the frame at the nose of the seat