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    My name is Chuck and my bike is the Halcyon. I am new to the forum but not to the motorbike world. I have been building motorbikes since 2003. This is my bike. All hand built frame, forks, tank, bars. Nothing was used from existing bicylcles it's all from scratch. I hope everyone enjoys it. Please post comments or questions. I am enjoying the forum. There are many talented people on this site. I am so glad to see that there are other people that share my obsession. I just had to build one of these bikes because I could not afford to purchase a real one. The hardest part of the bike to build was the forks. They are a replica of a 1910 Harley Davidson leafspring style. It took me about a month to make the forks. It was about 3 months to design and build the frame and tank. Some small details are the custom handlebars that have an internal throttle, stich on leather grips, reverse clutch lever with internal cable, copper/brass fittings on the tank and carb. If there is anyone from Phoenix on this forum contact me. I would like to organize a ride, or meet at the Pavillions car and bike show on some saturday night. I usually go there from time to time. I take my bike or my 1956 Willys station wagon with the bike in the back.

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    Hey Mr. Like Your Bikes

    He Chuck,, This One Is very Bosa Nova.. WE Must Have Like Minds.. Later..
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    Hey, looks good. What tubing did you use for the fork blades?
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    a sweet looking MB -- looking at that THING can cause one to go into a dream state...

    it's a good THING
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    sweet antique motorcycle!youde prbly get :2thumbsup: at the biker bar.
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    Seat question

    This is a wonderful bike. I'm being a lot less ambitious on my build, but I still want to capture the flavor of the old pre-wwI motorcycles in mine. Mine will be more smoke and mirrors as compared to this one.

    I did locate an underhung tank that I can camo into looking more like the real thing, however so far I can't find a seat I like, the stock seat of the industrial bike is way too modern looking although it's base is just about right. Might tear it up and take out most of the padding and recover.

    Where did you get that nice seat? I am lowering and moving rearward the seat post to get a similar look to yours but I need that type seat.

    Is everyone using antique seats or are there some decent repos out there.