boardtrack replica



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just for kicks

Oh that is a nice project, maybe some day I'll get going on a custom project like that.

Yeah it took me a little bit to get it myself (DOH) but I've made the adjustments needed.(for me)
I just wont post with a picture or a link to a picture or link to anything anywhere for any reason and presto no problem for me.

It really works out well in that my topic reply times are cut very very short.



that wasn't exactly what i was talking about...this was originally posted somewhere inappropriate, but the topic itself is a cool one, no doubt :cool:

ps-i do hope, tho, that if someone links us to someone else they've returned the favor in the opposite direction too.


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Oct 2, 2008
Old thread. That's my project. So why isn't the thread moved to the proper forum? Otherwise I really don't understand what the issue was.
Goal was completion this weekend for Ralph Wayne's Backyard Nationals but haven't worked on it since last winter. Actually, I will likely scrap it and start over with better wheels and redo the frame while I'm at it.


That's a great project. Before you scrap it, think about this- I have considered using moped hubs and having them laced to quality steel rims. Do a search for the Wheelmaster here. He may be able to advise you about how strong this combo would be. He uses 9 and 10 ga spokes and does motorcycles as well.

I love the style, but I completely understand wanting the end product to reflect an uncompromised vision. Please keep us updated.