boardtrack. who knows?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by siberian, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. siberian

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    anyone knows who made this boardtrack bike? and maybe links to different photos or articles?

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  2. SimpleSimon

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    No idea who built it, but whoever it was is an artist. That thing is beautiful.
  3. butch27

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    I think that is the Whizzer that some motorcycle builder built because he used one on a paper route years ago. I'll check my files.
  4. timmyP

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    At first glance that looks like aFlying Merkel. that's the color they used on thier single board track bike. The gas tank looks the same also. they also made a v twin racer later inthier history it was orange with a diferent shaped fuel tank.
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  5. gppeej

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    I absolutely love that bike. It was featured in Cycle World mag last year. The article says that this custom was made by Dave Miller - a 70's motocrosser, motor builder, 5 times National champ cart racer, exhaust builder. His company DMC does dirt bike and atv pipes.

    The article says that he took a modern Whizzer motor and sqeezed 11.7 ponies out of it!!! One-off piston, handmade head, modded crank and 24mm Mikuni...for 85mph top speed.