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  1. David in Alabama

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    Here are a couple of photos of a project I picked up a month ago.

    It's a 1920s Harley J model boardtrack/roadrace replica. 1921 J model pocket valve 1000cc motor in a 27 JD frame. It has a 3 speed tank shift transmission with an early clutch setup. Has a real braced boardtrack fork, 28" clincher race wheels, and period Firestone racing tires. Wide boardtrack bars with internal throttle and spark advance. This one has brakes, as it's styled after the bikes used in endurance road races of the time. These were distance races run from city to city over public roads in the States and Europe. Should be pretty cool when it's finished!:grin5:

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  2. bluegoatwoods

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    It certainly is going to be cool. Already is for that matter.

    I suppose you'll have to watch it like a hawk. There are smarter thieves out there who don't bother with just anything. But even they're liable to think it's authentic. And even if not, it's still very desirable.

    The vultures will be circling and waiting for you to turn your back.

    That's one problem with MBs. Where pedal bikes are concerned I've mostly ridden very ordinary stuff. I don't need to keep a very close eye on it. But I figure my MB is known throughout the neighborhood and I don't know who would grab it if they got the chance.

    But I know there's some out there.
  3. David in Alabama

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    Won't get out of my sight!
  4. wheelbender6

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    The openings in the fuel tank to clear the spark plugs make it look very authentic.
  5. David in Alabama

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    Thanks Wheelbender,

    Actually, the tank cut outs are factory. They are for the overhead inlet valves. The plugs go in the top front of the forward cylinder and the top back of the rear cylinder. The exhaust valves are a side valve design similar to a modern Briggs motor. Both intake and exhaust valves can be changed with the motor in the frame. There are better engine photos in my gallery. These bikes were actually raced by privateers back in the day. The H-D factory team used a twin cam twin overhead valve engined racer.:cool:
  6. David in Alabama

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    Update Photos

    Time for some update photos. Still need a rare set of early Harley rings to get it up and running, but we're beatin the bushes looking for them, and hope to find a set soon!:cool:

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  7. dudeimarobot

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    Wow... Beautiful!`
  8. David in Alabama

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  9. neicull

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    I love it. beautiful.
  10. Looking good. I'm kinda partial to the harley pea green, but your paint does set it apart from the others. Can you get a few new rings cut for it? That might save the trouble of finding a NOS set.
  11. lowbeauxxx

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    Hey David, how's it going? I'm up here in the 'ham (locals will understand). Just wanted to let you know that the ride looks BOSS! Besides the other guy from Holly Pond. Are we the only Alabamians on here? I'm so stoked to find that I'm not the only one in this state that has an interest in these. I was beginning to consider consulting a shrink. Anyhoo, I've had a lot of to work! PEACE!
  12. David in Alabama

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    Hi lowbeau,

    Thanks for the input. If you want to see the Harley racer in person, It's entered in the Barber Motorsports Vintage Festival Antique Motorcycle show on Saturday October 10 (weather permitting.) If you are free, drop by the AMCA (Antique Motorcycle Club of America) exhibition area just inside the Barber Motorsports gate on the righthand side. We'll talk some boardtrack.

    Here's a photo an AMCA member shared with me of a professional dirt track motorcycle race at the old Birmingham Fairgrounds Raceway taken in 1914-15. You can see the Vulcan in the background. It was at the Fairgrounds until the 1930s, when it was moved up to Red Mountain over looking the "Ham."


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  13. lowbeauxxx

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    If I am in town that weekend I'll try to talk my better half into accompanying me. I haven't been to Barber's in two years, and I've been dying to take her. I hate that our bumbling city council and crooked mayor decided to raze the fairgrounds for some shoddy, tacky apartment complex that will be run down within five years. Sad part about it is that the mayor may be doing time before he sees the fruits of his wanton destruction. I mean how can someone just tear down a historical site like that? Okay, I'm going to get off my box now! Back to boardtracks.........
  14. lowbeauxxx

    lowbeauxxx New Member

    By the way, cool photo. It would make a righteous T-shirt (provided that permission is granted of course)
  15. suspect

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    i just pinched it for a desktop
  16. David in Alabama

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    Birmingham Raceway Photo


    That's a great photo and would make a cool t shirt. I have permission to use the photo, but I wouldn't push it.
  17. David in Alabama

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    Yep Lowbeauxxx,

    The "Ham" and Jeff Co. are a circus run by the clowns! Sad, very sad!:juggle:
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    Awsome ride!
  19. David in Alabama

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    New Photo

    Still working on this project. Hope to have it up and running at the Barber Vintage Motorcycle Festival in Birmingham, AL. in mid October.:grin5:

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    Nice to the 3rd Degree! KUDOS!:tt1: