Bofeng stock jet size is indeed

Risk Man

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11:30 AM
Oct 28, 2021
So what notch do you have the needle valve C clip in???
c clip went all the way up right from the get go. Put in the 50 and running better then ever. Still a bit of 4 stroke at bottom and top end but nice cruising at 20mph. I noticed your comment about "slanting carb" and it is a bit down hill but not too much so not sure if that is making a difference. But again, I am suprised that I am using a 50 jet at this point when 70 is stock. I guess the engine creates many variables that the carburation must overcome or match. My 48cc still seems stronger and smother with the stock bofeng and 70mm jet. But then again, perhaps it will run better if I jet it down a bit. I have it on the second notch on the clip. Might have to try a smaller jet and see what happens.

Been lazy I guess. This is how we all learn... trial and error. I have been lazy with the idea that it "runs pretty good" so don't mess with it. But I have not learned anything as I am not experimenting either. Today's carb fiddling was good experience for sure. You can only read so much. Doing has always been my best teacher and I need to be "Doing" more on these engines.