Engine Trouble Bogging engine, little throttle reponse

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I have similer problem engine back fired I looked down and notice the black wire that goes to the spark plug was lose Its poped out the threads in there are striped Now I have no power when hill climbing I think <A>theres bad conection there Now OR <b> the spark plug IS no good. have a new cdi box going to change it tomorow see what happens also could it be that the muffler is blocked.
CNS Carb

The CNS carb need to be pluged at to vents, the one by the air filter leave alone, the one on the right of the one you left alone cap that one, then on the other side where a barbed vent is cap that one, then you should be fine
...ummmm, a hose should run from the barbed tube on the bottom of the float bowl to the barbed vent at an angle on top of the carb by the two control cables. The two un-barbed vents should have open hoses running down as vent tubes. The tube from the bottom of the carb is for feeding the choke/fuel enrichenment circuit.


Enlarge this photo, you can see the clear plastic tube going from the bottom to the top barbed vent.

I've seen old Bing carb's with this arrangement, I think it's just another knock off the Chinese specialize in:sick:
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Throttle very sluggish

I have similar issue. Idol is fine when i give throttle to ride it is very boggy,clunky. there is also piston seems to be making a noise like a clinking. seems like spark issue but tried 2 plugs no change good spark from both. worked good a few days ago. read all these posts so i am gonna check these things. I will check back here later and see whats up.:(
i believe it refers to making gaskets but thats only a guess :(

pffft, beeer. rum!
Racked my brain for hours.. turned out to be loose plug. When engine got hot I lost power.. noticed a little bit of oil at the plug area.. so replaced the plug.. the old one (actually a new one) had a bad seat.. the smallest air leak will make it run horrible with no power..
has anyone suggested that the head gasket may be blown from this?
a loss of compression can cause the same problems.
But i have no idea if that's relevent to the spark plug blowing out of the cylinder.