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    just rode my bike and can do 60kmh but now when i do it starts to cut out like my be block in carby but no. my be spark plug no and yes. my bike never ran good at start may be 30kmh but when i opened the spark plug gap a lot sounds like a weed waker clean and can do 60kmh i ride at that speed all day but now it boggs new plug still no good maybe cdi no so out of luck i put new carby still no good same thing got an old china spark plug and now 60 to 65 kmh help help help i have had maybe 10 bikes and every one is different spark plug gap sum like it open and sum shut and then for how long till you put a new one and it is still no good so you change the carby no the plug gap no new plug no the sum old plug that did not work well at the start now is the best i don't no sooooo over it like i say it is fixed now

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  3. skyash

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    this is the bike now fixed 20 inc back wheel and 26 front 36 tooth sprocket but will put on 28 soon like last bike i had .the pedals are like 2 inc off ground at lowest point got a 20 inc triple tree for front to but pedals will hit ground then so need smaller ones.have cut a half circle in bottom of piston on intake side and cleaned up or opened all ports a little in the pic it has a grate master spark plug .that never liked the carby before now after killing the plug it like it likes this one now cheap bike hole lot brand new is $60 but pedal back brake frame is very light steel might snap/crack eny were or time but the k mart bikes do to. when they do i weld them .
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    DSC_0023.jpg DSC_0024.jpg
    this was the old setup that was good for a long time till now
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    If that was the sparkplug gap you were running you may have burned out your cdi. A gap that large is going to put a tremendous load on your ignition(CDI) and will burn it out in time.
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    the gap should never be more than .030"
    but maybe the long spark made up somewhat for it being weak.
    buy a good aftermarket CDI and high voltage coil and you will always have a hot spark so your bike can run good.
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    I started to think so but no. yes the plug dies not the cdi. For me eny way. it's funny I replace the spark plug with the same one gap and all but after 10 Min at wot it starts to bogg again back off the accelerator and it picks up and then boggs and then boggs really bad last time I put new plug the one in picture in open the gap like you see and no bogging till now so I chek the carby all good put new plug and at eny gap no good now just boggs. Ok so Chang the carby to one on bike in picture and fixed but small gap for this carby or just won't start. Some kids open there plug and it just won't start there bike like a small gap even smaller then a new plug untouched so thay bye one and close it. Then my bikes and 2 friends have big gaps the bike takes off good then missing at like 20kmh so open the gap and missing at 30kmh more I open the gap better the more like a chainsaw it sounds no missing from take off to top end. The motors look the same but run completely different in what it takes to run like a chainsaw really smooth no bop bop bop.just win winn winnnn. Thanks for the in put it all helps
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    were will i start i have used all the plugs in the pic with the speedy carby in the pic the ngk 6 with big gap went really good for a long time if it died it got replaced with an identical my gap and all and all good then one day no good at eny gap so got a ngk 7 good take off bit of missing faster it got so put a big gap all good i think it went better then the 6 and now its done the same thing at eny gap take off is good but bogging starts 25 to 30 kmh the uridium plug boggs eny speed over 20kmh big gap and it will start at 25 if iam luky .thats when i put on the so called hp carby in pic with plugs and it never run eny goog eny plug eny speed over like 15 or 20 and it just like misses BUT when i put it on today on the bike in the pic it flys no missing or cuting out at wot .more worried about a piston to the face .i dont get it never liked the plugs at eny setting be for y now .and y did the speedy carby stop likeing plugs it did like same cdi same magneto same fuel . DSC_0027.jpg
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    that carby in the pic with the last plug on the right at that gap you see is on bike now and its the best so far perfect till it boggs misses or cuts out
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    Maybe the cdi or timing is changing and I am matching it good for sum time then I have to change plug and gap to match it. That's y it works it's way though number ngk6 then 7 and back to the start?
  11. butre

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    I used to run an .035 gap with no issue, I only changed it for easier starting.
  12. KCvale

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    Beat that thing like it was a really bad neighborhood stray dog that bit you.
    They are cheap disposable engines.
  13. butre

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    I've run everything from .025 through .060, and I consistently get better results with longer gaps
  14. KCvale

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    Big spark is a big plus with a lot of fuel to combust.

    I don't mess around with spark, I give it everything I can.

    On 2-stroke builds that means ditching that stock wire right from the mag terminals to an inch or two of CDI wire leads, with 16g double insulated black speaker cable, then use an NGK Iridium plug.

    Every frigg'n milliamp of magneto current makes it to the CDI and out to the plug so I can see spark at noon in the sun in Phoenix in the summer ;-}

    Ya maybe, and it is both a little expensive and time consuming to do, but I don't need to start with ignition on the rare occasion a build comes in for service.

    Ya, that was a brag hehe, sorry guys ;-}
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    yeah i always get a new carby and then find i have to open the gap on the plug new cdi or not some times... on cdis. jay car the shop have a cdi kit you build your self for 2 stork motor i got one long time ago but did not no how to connect 2 wires to one spark plug cable but now i see you put it on a coil and it has the spark plug cable and the jay car cdi has 4 different sitings or bands. and when i saw in side the one on ebay it looks the same identical .some they put a key switch .that's all jay car sell that to and the box .. thanks to all every thing helps
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    Bogging Down At Top End

    Hi! Same thing happened to me on my first build. Turned out being the carb was too rich. Instead of messing with the spark plug, raise the e=clip on the needle to it's highest point which will drop down the needle and lean the mix out. I'm surprised all these pros didn't advise you on that.
  17. could be wrong but im pretty sure the e-clip only effects the bottom end of throttle. if its a fuel issue it would be a jet size issue not the e-clip
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    Same here. went from .024 to .031. Dramatic increase in fuel burned and 2 stroking strong at high speed.