My motor was running great i just got it broken in. I took off the motor to tighten a few bolts and when i put it back on and rode it, it boggs really bad. Seems to be running really rich. If you put the choke on it helps but it isnt as good as it used to be. The inside of the spark plug pulled out but i put it back in. I think this could be the problem, but that dosnt explain why it runs better with the choke. Does anybody know what might be wrong?
sounds like it could be your plug wire, not getting good spark anymore
when choke is on = less air so it will burn easier even if spark is weaker
correct me if I'm wrong people
just a wild shot in the dark here...but...Intake gasket? With more choke comes more gas to corrilate with the air sneaking through the gasket???

Just a thought
If you run better with the choke on, it's sucking air. What did you tighten? Check your intake gasket and the carb to manifold junction.

Also, if the center came out of the plug, it's worthless, replace it with a new QUALITY plug, not a Chinese plug.

There is a list of plugs around here somewhere-
If it runs better with choke it is not running rich but lean. You have an airleak or an obstruction in carb.