Boggy carb, pingy noise

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    Hey all, I've been running my gas bike (66cc) for a number of months now, around 4. Anyways, its normal to be a bit rough during break in and it was but i seemed to have it smoothed out, engine purred and everything ran smoothly. Although recently I was in a hurry to mix gas, and without enough time I estimated and poured a normal looking amount of oil in my gas. I didn't think this would be to big of an issue as it was only for one tank, and I made sure it was still smoking so that it wasnt too lean. After finishing this tank off i now notice i have to open the chock all the way and slowly close it for the engine to even start, so i took apart carb and cleaned, checked float height, checked valve, fuel line, and spark plug. Nothing seems to indicate why this would happen as i used to be able to start it after a few pedals. After riding for a while (10 mins) it will run normally. I also notice that i cant just instantly give it power, or it will bog and die, instead i have to slowly accelerate for it to function properly. Any ideas on what the problem is here? Gas? air leak maybe(althoough i have checked a bit) Another thing, it doesnt sound like its running well lubed. a sort of grindy but not really griding noise seems to come from the crank, almost like a long ting or something.. Figured it was just dry or something, doesnt seem to affect performance. Oh and ANOTHER thing :p, the gasket for the float bowl came apart on one side, i jammed it back together cause i cant afford one at the moment (i kid you not) so could this make an air leak? is it possible to remove the gasket or will that affect float height?

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    Sounds like a lean condition. Air leak most likely cause. Plane the head and top of cylinder to make them evenly flat and seal better. These heads warp with too much heat, which it could of had from not putting in enough oil.
    Check the carb/manifold junction also.
    Last but not least is the crank seals.
    Feel for conrod and crank bearing damage when you have it apart.
    The carb bowl gasket crack cannot cause an intake leak.
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