bolt on electric starter


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Nov 16, 2015
Why do you think it would cost around$300. Per unit?
KC does have a good point. If you get a electric bike wheel (guess it would be front wheel) and some cheap SLA batteries then it would serve two purposes: 1, starter and 2, safeguard in case the gas motor dies and we all experienced that at some point. The question is what is the minimum power (W) you need to do the job. I think 1000W is over kill but 500W might be too little or iffy. On eBay, a 750W conversion kits are going for about $160 and tack on some SLA batteries and you could get it the whole thing up and running for a bit over $200. The thing is that its gonna add some weight to the bike so you gotta balance the battery placement...


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Jun 26, 2015
If it's just to start the motor get a electric scooter motor 200w 12v good for 15 kmh
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