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    I'd go to Bonneville for an MBc meet-up. We can do our own speed trials while we're there. You know, like world's fastest GEBE and Happy Time trials ;)
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    an MBC meet at Bonneville would be very cool especially at night i hear :grin:
    but to run on the SALT you need to be in an organised event and have permission from one of the associations.
    I know that Augi,and Bill Green, are both looking to run there next year and I am also hoping to have my bike running by then so who knows how many MBCs may be at the salt .
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    There's so much "space" at the salt flats; why do we need permission from anyone? who owns the salt flats? all we need is perhaps a mile of straight and a stopwatch :)
    anyone with a video cam should document the event!
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    Please tell me you don't actually think this is the Land of the Free?
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    i guess i'm still naive enough to believe it's still a free country. for some, not all.
  7. because you may think theres alot of room but when your 1 mile strip intersects the 30 mile track of a 300mph jet car you will think differently.
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    oops!!! :lol:
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    There are plenty of salt flats in this country... why should anybody doing time trials of MB's need to use a very large one. Heck why not just rent out a drag strip during the day or use part of a po-dunk airport with permission. It's not like these things need a lot of run up space to get to max speed or anything. Besides, who wants to be out in the middle of a desert when you could find an area with nice facilities close by?
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    why wait til next year?

    the only reason to wait is that it'll take ya almost that long to prepare...making the leap from "wanting to" to actually "going to" was a real learning experience. i found the quickest route to the track was by going thru an existing organization at an established event/venue, but it was also an expensive route that required both professional & private sponsorship.

    for the serious racer who's willing to look ahead: consider joining MBRA and help us organize the kind of events y'all are talking about. there are some experienced people with good connections backing this effort. all we need are the competitiors, and the belief that we can pull this off:

    here's Sabrina II with one of 3 engines we'll be taking with us for our first time out, a "cag 47"...reedblock/case-induction/'s brand new, but if i can somehow get a lot of miles on it in one week, i guess breaking 50mph isn't gonna be a problem.
    MVC-448F.JPG MVC-447F.JPG

    NOTE: the cag-47 is not epa-labeled & will only be used in closed course/competition situations. i do NOT recommend such an engine for on-the-road MB'ing, nor do i advocate the home-builder putting such an engine on their golden-eagle system.
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