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    Well after building the orange schwinn for my friend, I'm finally embarking on a build for myself this time.

    I'm building this bike for a dual purpose commuter/trail bike. I've got decent condition gravel and dirt trails around my house that I plan riding this on. Then of course as my everyday go to the local 7-11 transport - especially with astronomical gas prices and a car with a horrendous wiring job in progress.

    Picking up the bike this weekend from my parents house, its an 18spd nonamer frame, needs a rear wheel.

    Plans: Grubee GT5, New HD rear wheel w/ stronger spokes. Possibly repainting the frame a fancy color, planning on getting a rear fender and definitely a rear rack.

    I'll be posting photos as soon as my supply pile grows and accumulates, and I'm hoping this spring to take a week long trek with a friend of mine across the countryside of PA. So now i've got till about late april to ensure its solid, reliable, and broken in for a long haul.

    Stay tuned folks.


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    I'll be picking up the bike to disassemble and repaint/grease/etc and the engine kit was ordered today. cant wait!
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    I've made significant progress since my last visit.

    i decided to not repaint the bike, and i got my grubee kit as planned. It came double boxed and perfect visually speaking. The updated kit is quite nice, the carb is eons better from my inspection than the standard BGF kit comes with.


    Granted it was more money, but the kit overall looks great, everything was spot on, minus my large down tube. I used the large universal mount from and it is solidly mounted, perfectly flush in the rear, and not going anywhere.


    The front wheel was replaced with a higher quality unit. I am presently waiting on a new rear wheel to come in, as well as a thumb shifter for the rear derailuer. Not much else to report aside from that but i do have some pictures of what I've gotten done thus far.


    I'll be checking in within a week with hopefully a running bike!

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    Long term update:

    Bike is running well, ive tracked over 150mi and ridden half Of that untracked at least. So with a few hundred miles she seems fine. Have not had any parts failures or related issues.
    I will be building another bike in a week or so, new skyhawk kit on its way! When I get to an actual computer I can post pictures of everything
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    At the risk of wrath:::These engines are ALL the same...slapping a shiny sticker on the side of the motor and giving it some catchy name does NOT change what it is....