Bonzos Revisited

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    Just thought I'd share this piece of triviality and oddness with you.
    The past few weeks I've been browsing YouTube, becoming reaquainted with a band I really liked in my youth, The Bonzo Dog Band (aka The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band). The band pretty much flew under the radar as far as popular music is concerned, though it did score a hit that reached number 5 on the charts with "I'm the Urban Spaceman" in 1968. Their style ranged from jazz to blues to rock.
    But the Bonzos are best known for their craziness, with songs like "Tubas in the Moonlight", "The Intro and the Outro", "Can Blue Men Sing the Whites?", "My Pink Half of the Drainpipe" and more.
    The band featured Neil Innes (also known as "the Seventh Python" as he wrote or co-wrote many of Monty Python's musical numbers) on piano, guitar and lead vocals, Vivian Stanshall on tuba, woodwinds and lead vocals, Vernon Dudley Bohay-Nowell on bass (followed by Dave Claigue and later Dennis Cowan on bass), Roger Ruskin Spear on alto sax as well as many oddball creations such as electric mannequin and a trouser press), Rodney Slater on saxiphone, tuba and more, "Legs" Larry Smith on drums and Sam Spoons on rhythym pole and (appropriately enough) spoons.
    They were the "house band" for the pre-Monty Python television show called "Do Not Adjust Your Set", and also featured in the Beatles movie "Magical Mystery Tour". Here is some of their work. First, "I'm the Urban Spaceman":
    The "B" side of that single, "Canyons of Your Mind", which has to feature one of the most intentionally bad guitar solos (which got the crowd rocking when they opened for "The Who" at Fillmore East):

    Here are some short silly bits from "Do Not Adjust Your Set":

    Some jazzier numbers:

    And one last favorite from "Do Not Adjust Your Set":

    It's okay, you guys can tell me how warped I am...

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    Wow, I see my tastes are too strange for even you guys to comment about...
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    Thanks for the links. I hadn't heard Hunting Tigers in years.:jester:
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    What a trip down memory lane. They truely were great years and I doubt that we will ever see anything like it again.

    Kilroy, if that is warped my door doesn't close to tight either.

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    Cool stuff!
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