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    Huckersteve here, from Seattle!

    Bike guy forever. Recent lover and rider of Electrified and motorized bikes. I've got a sick Felt Cruiser with a Wilderness energy front hub kit on it, and this sweet little number pictured below:


    Myself and a few friends are building and riding here in the Seattle area, and are forming a small but highly dangerous Biker Gang hellbent on having fun here in the En Dub. Might have to make it down to Ocean Beach for the rumored Motorized Bike Rally Weekend there in August..

    Holla Back people, and come see me at the shop I work at in Kent Wa!

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    Nearly Forgot!

    The bike above is a Spooky Tooth Hot Shoe Racer, bought for an indecently low price from my friend Dave C. 2-Stroke 80cc motor, 36 tooth sprocket.

    My personal touches:

    Felt Quick Brick tires 26 x 2.125
    Brooks B-73 Springer Saddle
    Upside down mustache bars
    Negative rise stem
    Cateye Velo 5 computer
    Bar mounted compass for navigation
    Rear "Bobber" fender
    Waterproof Handlebar Bag for tools, hooch, smokes, snacks
    Saddle mounted toolkit by Samsonite


    *Achieving 36mph top speed on flat ground at present. Looking for about 45mph with planned forthcoming improvements. (Suggestions Welcomed)
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    whats up man same ideas and things i whant to do

    but dang you are only riping 36mph on a 70cc

    shoot i do on my 65 type d with a 36t 50mph+ still have not toped put yet need more power

    and with my special edition 48cc 44t i do 32mph but with a 40t i do 47 mph thats on max out

    and with the right tuneing i wil be able to do what ny main goal is to do 80mph at bonnevile on a 48cc single speed

    but yeah there is something wrong with your bike if its only doing that later

    pm me if you whant more advise

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    My other Motor Rig...

    The Fearless Flyer:



    Felt V-12 Single Speed Cruiser. Steel Frame
    24x3.0 Rear Tire, 26x2.125 Front Tire

    Big Ol' Wilderness Energy Front Hub Kit, 600w Brushed Motor
    built on Felt Custom 35mm wide front hoop
    36v 12ah SLA Battery Pack

    Personal Touches:

    Tubular Chromoly 3 Piece Cranks
    Alloy Platform Pedals
    Sunlite Front Basket, Black
    Sunlite Collapsible rear baskets, Black
    Incredibell XL
    Layback Seatpost


    Does an honest 25mph or more on full charge. Range: 15-20 miles with some assistance provided my myself. Battery pack is older and ready for replacement. Looking for better range and power out of Nimh battery pack upgrade this summer.
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