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    i got a boost bottle and made a vid of me ridding around. the boost bottle does not give me any more power but it does make going from 20kph to 50kph a lot faster! the bottle was cheap and easy to install and it does alow me to go alot faster. in the video does my engine sound like its revving to high? it will rev to the point where it will get very smooth and do almost 60kph on a 44t sprocket. should it rev any higher than i am revving it in the vid whilst riding? thanks and i hope you like the video i have a fairly old camera so its not the best of quality.

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    I have found that the "80cc" engines do not like to rev as much as the 50cc engines. They tend to vibrate more, whereas the 50cc engines seem much smoother at high revs. and top speed isn't that much slower. The larger engines do pull harder and climb hills easier though.

    How much harder does the engine pull with the boost chamber?
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    that's the clearest film I have ever seen, and one of the better overall quality as well. Camera was fairly steady compared to what I have seen on you tube. Well done linnix13 may you take care to be careful at those speeds you seem to be really moving at more than a safe speed, cars rarely think much about bicycles with or without a motor. Please slow down a little, I realize that when your 17 your thinking you will live forever but that is not the case. There are motorcycle accidents every year where I live and many involve speeding, and there are many deaths every year. So please be careful guy it's your life don't fool yourself into thinking your immortal.
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    the bottle doesnt seem to make it pull any different but i know what you mean with vibrations. my 80cc vibrated so much i couldent get over 45. the boost bottle made it real smooth like the 50cc but it will pull real hard from 20-50 with the bottle. it also seems to be making me go through slightly less fuel too! the only complaint i have is that it makes the engine hard to start after it has cooled down. also it makes the engine take another 5 minutes to warm up before it will idle. over al though i can wait the extra 5 minutes and burn the extra 40 calories to start it because the smoothness is a wellworthy trade off. so to recap the bottle makes the engine go from 2000rpm to 7000rpm real smoothly and alot faster than stock. plus it just looks bad ***!
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    thank you it was a very crappy camera and it did have low fps but thanks anyways. also i was ripping it up for the camera im usually a little more cautious as of my speed. i keep my eyes focused ahead and if i see any other cars i slow down because other people a very unpredictable. i will usually do 50 in town and in the outskirts i usually do the posted speed limit of 40. thanks for your concern!
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    Killer Vid man! Thanks for posting! Might want to check your chain and tennsioner tho. Heard something rattling upon deceleration a few times. Check alignment ect. Don't want that thing commin off going that fast!

    Upon review of the pics (beginning of vid), Looks like you have not upgraded your chain yet and you could drop a few links from it (make it shorter). I wouldn't trust some of that kit hardware!!!
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    hehe thanks for the input but what i did do was instead of the little plastic wheel that comes with then engine(mine melted off) i made a block of uhmw and used a ban saw to make it fit my chain. i then screwed it into the metal bracket where the wheel went. now there is no moving parts and all i do it tap the metal bracket with a hammer whenever the chain has more than a half inch of play in it. i am using the stock chain and it has almost 3000km on it. do you think i need to replace it? the sound you hear could have been many things, one is the fact that the video was taken from a digital camera duct taped to my mirror. two is that the camera has a loose spring next to the mic, and three is that my clutch gears always make a ratling sound when i disengage the clutch. thanks
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    Nice Vid Linnix..
    u b cruseing !!!!
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    You missed a stop sign.... j/k. Great vid.
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    You Tube Has Banned Your Video---too Bad---i Missed It !!!
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