boost bottle discovery


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7:13 PM
Jun 16, 2008
hey everyone i was out in the garage today when i broke my spare bottle i noticed shards of pvc every where so i just figured i would inform everyone theyre made of pvc
Hmmmm.....Mine is plastic like too....Not sure what kind tho....Mine was from Boost Bottle Industries.....I was gonna make a flat spot in it to put a drain but when I realized it was not metal I put the hammer away...

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Wait. Mine is from Boost Bottles industries too and a piece of paint chipped off and there's the metal.
I'm gonna have to go look again.
WOAH! It's not aluminum!

I still think it rules,though.

Mt engine runs smoooth with it on.
Hi all,
Made my own boost bottle out of a the outside casing of an old shock absorber and cut it down to be the right capacity, welded up end cap where I'd cut off the internal rod the drilled and tapped a whole in the side at end so that any accumulated fuel could drain made a bracket to fit it onto the cross bar above the carby, and works just fine. Gets me on the pipe real quick.

Boost Bottles are choice. The whole process only took me about a couple of hours to do.