Boost Bottle Industries NOS system

I'll try nitrous. The bike will only live once.

If I remember right, it takes 15 grams of dry nitrous to produce 1 pound of thrust in the average car.
I don't have a HT motor. I have a nice racing motor. If my bike's frame holds up, I'll put on a nox system just for the effect at night and take lots of video. There are two > 5 mile strips of public land around here that are straight ashphalt. One with a 2% grade one way. Ooo... Can't wait to take that one back. This engine has a lot of get-up-and-go.
All you'll see of me is a glowing tailpipe.
I ran the boostbottle industries nitrous system on my 110cc pocket bike,my 49cc pocketbikes, i plan to run it on my "80cc" bike, on my gopeds etc

I've never melted a piston just make sure u tune ur carb a lil rich!
I just wanted to thank stealthc9 for clearing that up. Theres to many he said she saids out there. Without actually purchasing a kit and trying it for your self theres really no reason to doubt they work or incinuate that they cause damage. Weve been selling these kits now for about 5 yrs. I have not had one email from a customer claiming our NOS kits caused damage to there stock engine. Im still using the same 43cc scooter engine we purchased over 5 yrs ago for testing. These little Nos kits are awesome and sales have picked up considerbly over the yrs. I wanted to thank this forum for including our company in many of its conversations. We do our best to produce a high quality part. I understand sometimes our shipping times can be alittle slow and we appoligize. We are always working to improve our service. Quarkdude, If your still out there. Hey havent herd from you in a while. Drop me a email. Thanks again, and check out our site weve added lots of new vinyl graphics...
I know this is somewhat an old thread but after reading all of it because I used the search button! like a good newbie should lol here is my take on nitrous on a 2stroke.
I want to use nitrous but here is my take on it. I have a 2003 nissan 350z that I sprayed a 150shot on for a few months with no problems so I have a bit of knowledge about it.
nitrous needs extra fuel to run safely that will mean jetting the carb a little rich, that will mean that anytime your not spraying the nitrous your going to be a little slower naturally aspirated. Remember Lean is mean but rich is safe.
So with nitrous you will be noticeably faster when spraying but slower just cruising around town without it. cost for this $40 bucks plus refills $7 for 5refill bottles
Alternative, port match the intake and exhaust, cone air filter setup, and remove the baffle , adjust the carb to these mods. Cost for this $25 bucks I think the same gains will be seen , this is power that will be on hand and you wont have to pay everytime you want to be fast.
Thats just my opinion but nitrous can be safe if used properly
Well said drifter! NOS is a shortcut or something to be used when you have already done everything you can conventionally to these motors to improve them.

As tempting as it is to consider using NOS, I will take the more traditional route for now and try to massage my motor and see what hidden performance is locked inside there.

Now, to research about reed valves and how to run them on my bike..
I believe I will try the boost bottle though the concept of it is good but I hope the engineering is , anyone Liking theirs ?