Boost bottle size?

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    Is there some formula for figuring out the correct volume/size for a 66cc boost bottle?
    Does size REALLY matter?
    I want to roll my own.

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    boost bottles dont really help in performance there more to stop your engine running rich and 4 stroking if you really want performance get the speed carb very good carbs and good to tune now on to size of the boost bottle the normal size you would buy a boost bottle is around a 750ml canister so somthing around that is good i honstly think thats a bit too big maybe 500-600ml would be better but hey if they make it that size it must mean it works all they are is aaliminium bsports water bottler you can make one out of them
    hope this helped good luck!
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    I know I'm living wrong.
    Haven't been fishing in far too long...

    That Alabama Fisherman has taken plenty of time to engineer these things, and I really like his work.

    I've read something, somewhere, about the volume of a boost bottle being related to the displacement of the engine. IMO, 750ml or even 500ml's is far too large for one of the micro duo-poppers...
    The purpose is to smooth the flow of the charge headed from the carb to the port. It should be effective, probably most evident at low to mid rpm.

    IMO, the connecting tube between the intake tract and the boost bottle should be of larger size than what I have seen used.

    Al.fisherman's clutch cable mod is also a great idea.
    (Where do I get one of those nice rollers??? I've seen 'em, just can't recall where..)

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    Boost bottle size

    Thanks guys.... the matching of the boosts bottles volume to the engine cc's makes sense...

    Al.Fisherman, I like your clutch actuator wheel... here's a few picks of my actuator plate plus a few more of the metal work in what I HOPE is the final mock up before everything's finished.

    The last few pics in the album are of the actuator itself.!cpZZ1QQtppZZ20

    Give it a few seconds to load.
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