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    Finished first home built boost bottle.Use the calibrations that was given on I did take in account the supply tube and calibrated it into the cc size. I used a 12 cc syringe to make sure that I had the correct volume. Used 1 inch ID PVC pipe to build, the cost was $79 cents times 2 for 1 inch caps, $2.12 for 24 inches of 1/4 inch fuel line but only needed 8 inches. and $2.19 by two for barbed nipples fittings (got to carry one back and get a 1/4 barbed by 1/8 threaded got two 1/4 by 1/4 fittings. Got it all together now have to fit it to the bike and try it out. Hopefully it will help in low end power and maybe some speed as other advertise. boost_bottle800x538.jpg
    Oh yeah the 1 inch PVC I had and I needed around 3 and 3/4 inch of pipe to make the bottle that would fit a 66cc motor . So actually the cost of the bottle was $6.63 for parts not including the the pipe cost and taxes. Will update on performance after installed bottle and ran it.
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    By far a much better system of trapping crankcase reversion is a reed valve intake. It's an accessory product that actually works.
    It just happens that Rock Solid Engines sells a reed valve intake system for Chinese bicycle motors.

    Just a painless credit card purchase and it will be all smiles when that little package is installed.
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    I don't understand the concept of a boost bottle. Even after looking at this site:

    Can somebody explain how it works and what benefit it provides? Thanks!
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    There is only one thing to understand about a boost bottle: It does not give any meaningful boost; basically doesn't do anything at all.

    Think of a boost bottle as a capacitor in an electronic circuit.