Boston Ma. - Any interest for a ride this Saturday?

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  1. shawnshank

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    I just thought I'd throw this out there and see if anyone would be interested in meeting up on Saturday 5/22/10 around noon for a ride.
    The weather is supposed to be gorgeous and I have some free time so I'll be out on my bike and thought I'd see if anyone wanted to meet somewhere and ride. As much as I like riding alone, it's more fun with other people.
    It doesn't have to be in Boston but somewhere I can ride to from my house just outside of Boston.
    Perhaps a stop for a cold beer somewhere along the way as well.

    Saturday, May 22

    Mostly sunny

  2. james65

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    Sat ride

    just too short of notice. Would have been great but plans have been made. Keep me in mind next time.


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  3. chefdouglas

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    Can't do today but thanks for the invite. Next time I'm in.
  4. I wish I signed in a day earlier, I would have made the trip out