Boston MASS >48cc whut whuuut!!!

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    Hey looking to register a moped in boston has anyone done this???? How strict are they gonna be on my documentation of engine size (how do they even measure?).

    Basically <50cc is legal and i want to whip a 70. Since i have not been able to get my hands on an engine, do they pretty much all mark how big they are? Am i able to jsut fill out my form and register it as a fiddy? :grin:

    I guess this applys to anyone where >50cc is not a moped anymore. what have people done!?



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    hey im from medford.. i been riding it back and forth to work and my girls house. ive seen about 3 or 4 cops so far and the most they did was say how are u today. i hacvent registered it yet.. but plan on it soon
  3. Hey I'm in Boston and I recently had a motorcycle cop roll up next to me and ask me questions in a friendly tone about the bike at a stop light. Don't bother trying to register your bike as a moped. Our bikes are motor-assist and do not require registering in Mass. If you try to register the bike as a moped you won't be able to because they didn't start out as motor vehicles. It is a gray area that these vehicles occupy. Also you CAN put a 70cc on a pushbike and get away with it, because no cop is going to come over and measure your jug displacement.

    Keep a low profile, ride responsibly and you will encounter only good-natured inquiries from most cops. If someone does eventually stop you just feign ignorance and agree with whatever the cop says. The worst thing you can do is to argue with a cop because they can charge you with whatever they want if they feel like it. In the end it's your word against theirs.
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    I'm going with what ssss is saying.....and I emphasize be responsible.

    Wear some headgear, I'm using a skateboard helmut, as least it looks like I'm complying. Don't mess with bikepaths. If you have to run a section of bikepath, idle down and pedal when passing non-motored traffic. Plan your routes, stay off state hiways all you can. Watch the noise, don't be obnoxious, etc, etc.

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    ive had no problems at all.. ive ran into about 5 cops so far and the worst i got was "oo not another" then smiled and took off..

    I registered mine just because i didnt want to deal with any fines if i needed to or not and when i went to the RMV they sent me to the director and he said if it sounds like a duck and acts like a duck its a duck (implying it is a moped)

    was 40 bucks and wicked easy.