Boston people- anyone want to hang out/help me finish up my bike/dumpster dive?

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    OK, so I've been at mass art for about a week now and have since left my precious bike at home. Haven't really had the time to finish it up, which is resting on my ability to find a piece of hose/bent pipe/steel conduit to make conect the intake/carburator to the engine.

    Anyways, if anyone has a length of anything that will work, feel free to share. I also don't know the best places to dumpster dive around the city, so if anyone wants to share knowledge of where to get parts/bits of metal cheap/free I'd definetelly like to hang out, compare bikes, ride around/ect...

    I'm looking to do another build as soon as I settle into my classes and such, but this time for something that folds, can carry 2 people, so I can bring it into my dorm. Maby do a 3 wheeler based off a lawn chair.

    I'm thinking find some good dumpsters, grab everything of interest, haul it off in a dolly or laundry basket, and then fight over who gets what.

    P.S. I hear MIT has really good dumpsters, is this true for larger mechanical things or just for circut boards and such?