Boston Race and Ride! July 17th?

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    O.k. since my last "lets ride" post was issued too close to the day of the ride, I figured I'd post something for a future date and we can go from there if people are interested.

    Here is my idea and people can suggest ideas if they like.

    For the race portion (at the begining of the day) which I will try to find the perfect location for, we set up a makeshift course. Nothing fancy, just a parking lot with some objects to navigate through with the start and finish line at the same location on the course. We have someone with a stop watch at the start and each rider has to run to their bike from a stand still (just a short run...we are MB's after all) start and mount their bike (or mount and then start depending on the setup) before they ride the course and cross the finish line where the watch is stopped. The object is to try and beat the fastest time of the riders before you.
    The best of three races wins.

    For the ride portion we leave from there and go for a decent group ride, stop at a watering hole for a beer or two and ride back. Again loaction and times up for suggestions.

    I'm thinking JULY 17TH around 12:00pm somewhere either in Boston or outside of Boston in say Concord or Lexington. I suggest Concord and Lexington because they have some nice roads for riding and we can check out some historical sites if people are interested in Revolutionary war History.

    If another date works better for people let me know. I'm open to suggestions.
    I just want to get a feel for the interest level in something like this.

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    I'm definitely interested, Wellesley, Dover area have some great back roads with little traffic and nice scenery. If that area appeals to anyone.
    P.S anyone in MA who needs advice on making their bike street legal (moped tag)PM me I found a method that works well. My bike is fully legal to be on the road and cost $40 to the RMV for the 2 year sticker.
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    I am looking forward to it. I wil be watching for details.



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