bought a 49cc pocket bike today with pic

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  1. On a whim today , I bought a very small pocket bike. It was a non running 49cc . Drat that craigslist. I only paid $75 for it so how bad could it be.
    The pegs are off it , the plastic front faring was broken and the brake handle is broken too. The bike was a dirty mess.
    well , 2 hours later ,one peg is fixed , the bike got a can of foamy engine brite from an estate sale for 50 cents and armour all wheel cleaner . The gas was drained from the float bowl ,some of it was brown goo. I took the float off , took the jet out and cleaned all the goop out of it. The owner had put fresh gas in in a last ditch effort to start it. I drained that out and then put it back in when I had the carb cleaner. The bike started on the fourth pull. Choked it to life and it runs great. took it for a ride at about 25 mph. kinda scary ,but so what. found out that the kill switch does not work.
    If anyone knows what brand it might be let me know. I have a picture in my gallery. .

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    I have no idea what brand that little pocket bike is, but for the $$ you couldn't go wrong in my opinion.
    I have been looking for one of those (cheap) for a long time but i haven't been able to find one.
    They look like they could be a lot of fun.
  3. getting there

    fixed the pegs as best I could and epoxied the brake lever holder together with jb weld. Tightened up all bolts I could. Its really a pretty nice bike for the money.
    Getting it running and fixing it made it worth about double what I paid.