Chain Tensioner Bought a Bicycle helmet today & worried bout tensioner

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by jacks_bike, Nov 1, 2010.

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    Bike is up and running - bought a schwinn bicycle helmet today. Debated about a regular full face motorcycle helmet... I wont be going over 25 or 30 mph so didnt really see a need for a full face helmet - unless I'm wrong?
    Put the tensioner on... looks like the sit pretty close the the spokes but everything is tight on the frame and its spins as it should... so basically what happens if the tensioner wheel hits the spokes? anyone have that happen before? I'm trying to figure out what could happen in mechanical failures - what are the chances of accidents and bodily damage...?

  2. Stan4d

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    Here is a thread about the helmets :

    If it has any type of motor I recommend a DOT helmet.

    Yes there have been many tensioner accidents. Some end good others not so good.
    Use the search function and read away.
  3. KilroyCD

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    As far as the tensioner is concerned, it is a very real concern about having it hitting the spokes. What usually happens is it breaks your spokes, which is something I wouldn't want to have happen when I'm tooling along at 25mph. I suggest two things here. First, get some friction tape and wrap some around the chainstay where the tensioner mounts. This will allow you to tighten it more securely, especially if the chainstays are rather narrow at that point. Then I suggest putting blue Lock-Tite on the threads of the bolts, and tighten those puppies as far as they will go.
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    BTW. The best tape I've found for that sort of thing is the rubber mastic tape - the kind that comes with a paper or plastic separator/liner, and which has no adhesive - it is rubber, and only sticks to itself. You stretch it around the object to be taped, and press it against the first layer. It fuses to itself, and makes a nice cushion that allows any sort of clamp to grip well with little danger of shifting. And, it also does a great job of protecting the bike finish.

    It's a little expensive - a half inch wide roll will set you back about $5.00 But, a little goes a long way.
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    Thanks for the info - I'll get some friction tape and some lock tite tommorrow. Went back out & moved the tensioner wheel all the way to the top and slid the mount further up. It gave a little more clearance away from the spokes but the tension wheel looks a little cockeyed - doesnt look like that can be helped. - Saw one guy had a tensioner mounted on the center bar - it looks safer and away from the spokes... I've got bout 10 miles on mine and trying to have no mistakes... even noticed I had to retighten some places allready. - Was looking on ebay last couple days for helmets... just didnt wanna spend 40 bucks - get the helmet and it doesnt fit right... figured at least a bike helmet is good till I can actually try something on - instead of paying 40 bucks to see if one fits... havin fun.. its a great project...
  6. RedBaronX

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    sometimes the tensioner will cock towards the wheel just from the act of tightening the nuts and bolts-- so angle it some AWAY from the wheel before you finish tightening it. Better chance it will end up straight.

    I had to retighten just about everything for the first 50 miles. As the miles add up, stuff will start to just get used to staying put. There is a lot more science to it, but that's the bottom line. You still need to check stuff.

    DON'T skimp on a helmet. A bike helmet IS better than nothing, but just know that just about any DOT helmet worth buying will be at least $40.
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    Once you have the bracket nice and tight, it pays to twist the bracket until the tensioner wheel is in perfect alignment with the chain.

    I mentioned the tape issue in your other thread.