Bought a heavy duty clutch from


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Jan 31, 2024
So I wanted to try out a supposedly better performing clutch for my 53cc HuaSheng 4 stroke.

I bought this one:

Honestly the original clutch seems to be much better. The new clutch does not seem to engage the bell housing until a pretty high rpm.
If I remember correctly like 3500 - 4000 rpm.

This clutch was a huge disappointment. The original clutch was much better.

I double checked my install. Use loctite on the bolt. I ended just removing it.
Well it's not my area of expertise, but I did not like the way it performed. It just seems like I had to give it too much throttle to engage.

It was also noticeably much louder
When I took it apart to double check everything. It all looked fine.

Any one want a upgraded clutch? Half off. Only rode on it once. Less that a 1/4 a mile. LOL
Godman, I'd just keep it for a spare at that price. Usually, HD clutches come with stronger springs installed.
Guys. Can I run this by y'all. I installed the heavy duty clutch with the protruding center facing towards the shaft.

This is correct right?