Bought motor kit off ebay.

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  1. lildeezul

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    HI, i just bought a motor kit off ebay.
    it will be my first time having a motorized bike.
    I think i will mount this on a mountain bike, but also i like to moon dog.

    I bought it from Powerkingshop. with that viking dude on the page..

    has anyone dealt with this guy and engine.

    I bought the 49cc engine, and then after i bought it, i seen one from the same guy selling a 80cc for the same price.

    but oh well.. we will see how this one goes.

  2. stude13

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    hi; search powerking and moon dog and read read read. you do not have to reinvent the wheel, what you want to know has been done. welcome mitch
  3. turbo/chaos

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    yeah thats what i have used for a year and works good but i deal with them also and have found some are good and some may have a diffrent setup the best kits to get is the one that has a bushing setup not a bearing style the bushing setup last a long time 8k later its time for a new bushing

    now i will be honest i have not tested the slant head bearing setup to its advantge yet so i cant give any info on it but also be carful with the 70cc kits not to over rev they are well known to run them selfs to death

    (that gose for any 70cc kit out ther) use 36-40t if you whant speed

    what i have used is 48cc kit and that is all i will deal with and just wont back up 70cc kits

    but i will take a bulit for a 48cc pk kit thats how much faith i have in one
    just treat it right and have respect for the lil engine and treat it good and you can never go wrong

  4. lildeezul

    lildeezul Member

    yeah, ill ordered the 48cc engine from PK...

    anyways, yeah it comes with a 44 tooth, and i was thinking of putting a 36 in there, but wondering if the 49cc can push the sprocket uphills and wat not.

    i am only 5 foot 10, and 140 lbs
  5. motoschwinn

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    YES YES YES! Turbo you are so right. The bushings are the way to go, I rebuilt VW 1200cc motors for years with simple bushings... It's all in the break in. I have now 3000 miles on my Kings motor, and I plan to catch you with your 8000 someday! And again, your right, treat the motor well, and don't run the **** out of it...
  6. lildeezul

    lildeezul Member

    can you please inform me of what you all are talking about when you say bushing style, and not bearing..??

    if mine is bearing, where could i find this bushing style.
    but please explain what this is. thanks
  7. rumme

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    are the 80 c.c. kits that boygofast sells on ebay bushing or bearing ?
  8. iron_monkey

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    The boygofast ones are bearing.

    The VW 1200c motors with bushing last a long time presumably because the bushings are bathed in oil and use an oil pump.

    Our motors only have abit of oil in the petrol mix and no pump and hence I still say bearings are superior in this environment.
  9. Marktur

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    There is just no way in the world that I would choose bushing over bearing. Why would you think they're better? Bushing=Friction=Loss of power to the wheels. PERIOD.

    I spent many years flying airplanes, helicopters, and racing on-road 1/8 scale cars - the $2000+ was serious, and I was racing on the state level. I used motors with BEARINGS to support the crank and the clutch bell. There is just absolutely NO WAY a bushed motor can keep up with a bearing motor.

    I'm not saying a bushed motor will not run, what I'm saying is that bushings cause friction, no matter how much oil you use, and a bearing creates much much much less friction. Look at the difference between an OS 40 that they stick in all the trainer airplanes compared to the OX 40 AX. Night and day. Oh, and bushing motors SHOULD COST LESS, TOO -- bearings cost much more to produce than bushings.

    Don't ya think they would put bushings in Indy Cars or even your regular old car in your driveway, or say your bicycle wheels if they thought they were better than bearings?

    That's why I went with a BGF motor...just my personal, biased opinion for some FRIENDLY discussion. :)
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  10. fastboy9

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    Basically the piston is attached to the small end of the conrod. There is a bearing that holds the piston on to the conrod, obvioulsy there would be too much friction if it were just the two components rubbing on each other. So either a bushing or a bearing is inserted to minimise this friction and make the components move smoother. The bearing type is a needle bearing (also called a roller bearing) they look like this There is much less friction on these and the components will move much easier. The other type is a bushing, which is just a brass ring put in, the brass is low friction but no where near as low as a bearing. But as long as the engine is lubricated well enough and looked after a brass bushing will hold up just as well as a needle bearing.
  11. lildeezul

    lildeezul Member

    oh ok, i know exactly where you talking about.

    where the piston is connected to the rod.

    just need some clarification, thanks

    i wonder if the kit the Powerkingshop sells is bearing style, anyone know ?
  12. kaploink

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    Not sure if they have roller bearings. Their ads only state that they use Japanese bearings.
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  13. motoschwinn

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    Sorry, I just can't agree with that. I'll take bushings every time.
  14. Marktur

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    Chinese manufacturing vs. German Manufacturing
    Chinese engineering vs. German Engineering
    Chinese Quality Control vs. German Quality Control

    'nuff said. Of course the German motors are going to work better.

    If you want to compare Chinese Bearings vs. Chinese Bushings, well my money's on the bearings without a second thought about it. It's a no-brainer.
  15. I will have to agree. I have had many motorcycles over the years, and all of them had brass bushings, and I never had a problem. I dont know what my engine has, and until it fails I dont need to know.
  16. He (Rick Shi) has both only until lately are you able to get a Roller Bearing generation Kit from him. I have built 3 and they said 80cc though but they were all boygofast and theyre all Bushing bearing crank and wrist pin bushing bearings the only ss bearing bearings in them were the outer crank bearings. I have 2200+ Miles on mine and running strong. I like the Bushing Bearing style too. But Id have to say if parts were cheap and locally avail Id rebuild the top end every 2000 miles just like a 2 stroke dirt bike.
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  17. loquin

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    FYI - there's no such thing as an 80cc MB kit. They're actually a little less than 70cc...

    pi*(bore/2)*(bore/2)*stroke = displacement
  18. i was reading about the slant head engines, so i came here to ask about them.
    so the big difference is the head and it now has needle bearings for the bottom end?

    and who ever was talking about the VW 1196cc engines are you referring to bushings as just standard main bearings? because those are the only bearings you can get for VW engines. roller cranks went out years ago because of how easy the let loose.