Wheels Bought new 26" freewheel for bike. Sprocket Adapter will not fit. (too big)


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Jun 12, 2020
Well, My Kulana has been now one problem after another, including a recent incident that bent the rear wheel, sending it into the frame. I'm done with it for now. it's a bit small for me anyways. I'm taking the motor off, and placing it on another bike.
62 schwinn hollywood.jpg

Looking for a replacement, I went to buy a new cruiser bike, and the shelves were cleared for 50 miles or so. Even Facebook or Craigslist was of little help. Thanks to family, I managed to find a 1960's Schwinn Hollywood Cruiser that needed some bearings and a little work. For the rear, I bought a new 26" freewheel wheel, and a single speed pedal sprocket. The problem arises when I went to bolt on the CNC sprocket hub and 38 tooth Sprocket. The hub on the wheel is Tapered, with an hourglass shape. at the edges, it is exactly 1". However, it dips down in the center to 0.68" . Does anyone have a spacer to fit the gap, or will I have to have one made?

Any ideas?