Bought new kit of zoombicycles

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  1. I bought a new kit cause i wanted a cheaper way of getting around. I bought the zoombicycles kit with the slant head. My bike was a mongoose paver. It was a tight fit, but i custom made a filter that fits the frame. It has 700c rims and i bought a 36t sprocket from boygofast and it's a ripper. I'm using amsoil saber oil, 8 oz per 2 gal, and am trying to be easy on it. I'm new to anything with a motor besides a car and the motor rips. I'm 195 and the motor gets a little sluggish on steep hills by itself, but a little pedalling will keep it in the powerband.

    I ride road, xc, freeride and downhill, so i have strong legs to compliment to ratio. I was thinking of using the bike to tow my other bikes around, but we'll see.

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    Hello and welcome to MBc.
    How are you thinking to tow the bikes?