Bought old Whizzer with a bi-lite-$850.00

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    I have 3-old Whizzers and 3 -new whizzers, I like them all, but it is getting harder to find a old whizzer for less than $900.00, that has a bi-lite generator and lights, that looks like it is over 60 years old. I am going to keep it old looking.
    I have a 1949 sportsman with a kick start 300 motor, the front and back brakes are the same, I also have a new Whizzer with Freds O.H. valve set up and the new whizzer clutch, I can go to 53 MPH in seconds and actually beat cars, but I cannot stop, very dangerous.
    Anyway I love Whizzers more than my Cushman or my Mustang. If I can pedal it I want it.

    Good Luck To all you Whizzers guys and girls.

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    Woah, now that is some interesting iron you have there. Welcome, and tell us more.
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    I am in the process of finishing a 2001-ish model I picked up for cheap because it was half complete and didnt run. Quenton just finished my engine and is sending it out soon. I still have about $500 worth of parts to acquire and install, but it should be worth it.

    When it is finished it should be able to do 50+, looking forwards to the first ride like you cant believe.

    Edit... also like mustangs. My dad has an 07 gt500 super snake w/ the 725 kenne bell upgrade. It screams... sounds like an air raid siren.