Bouquets And Brickbats, Tell Me Where Its At



Howdy fellow Gearheads,

As some of you already know I'm the inventor of the StreetPlane. Thanks to BamaBikeGuy there's a picture here in the forum:

Anyway, my real name is Billy and along with my partner, Brother-with-no-name (he's shy) we're getting ready to launch a new brand of motorized bicycles provided we don't go broke first.

I've spent several weeks snooping 'round these parts and have read a lot about what the rest of you are doing and I'm hoping for some imput. You need not tell me the brand name of the kit/engine/motor you're using but I would like to know if you prefer gear drives, friction drives or belt drives.

Also, please tell me what you like or dislike about the products you're using so I can get a better idea of how to manufacture you the best possible product.

And for my competitors who are reading here: I'm not above sharing so that all of us can build better products.


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Nov 4, 2006
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Are you planning on selling complete bikes? Can we have a peek at your concept? As builder, do you prefer belt, friction or chain drive?


We're going to start with parts, then move to kits and eventually complete bikes.

As a builder and a long time old school motorcycle rider I lean towards chains because I'm very familier with chains but toothed belts have my attention as well. I know belts can do the job because Harley has been using belts since Janurary 1979.

A peek: I plan to go 4 cycle, 100% street legal, the most reliable on the market, as much American made as possible (though I've yet to find a suitable American Made engine) and a real Constant Velocity Drive.

I really want to make my line available to as many resellers/builders as possible.

And finally, if anyone has come across tuned headers for the Robin-Subaru or Honda 4 strokes I would love to know about it. And if they don't exist I guess we'll build that too.



48cc or less
belt drive​

It will be guarenteed no more than 50cc and 4 stroke. I may have to start out with chains but I do plan a belt drive as well.

(& reasonably affordable)​

I'll do my best. I can't compete on price with Chinese labor but I don't have to get rich either. I will say this much: I plan to offer a kit that will outlast its owner if properly maintained. My goal is to build something so reliable that I'm not afraid to put it on a trike for my 75 year old mother to drive to church and the grocery store.

I've set my bar at being better than the kits sold by David Staton. Staton's transmissions can carry over 2000 pounds and they'll run 50 years or longer. My daily driver runs a Staton kit and it's the best there is-- for now.

If I can't build something better I won't sell it.

Thanks for your input.