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    Ok so I tipped my bike over on accident. The kick stand was sitting awkward and I walked away and it fell on its side. I picked the bike up and now my carb is leaking gas out of the air filter.

    I searched on the forum and found out to check the needle & float. I popped the bowl off the bottom of the carb. Nothing seemed broke so I put it back together. The bowl filled up immediately and I drained it this time by just removing the screw w/ the red seal a the bottom of the carb.

    Question is, what actually controls the amount of gas coming into the carb? Is it the two prongs hanging down?

    I've tried searching the forums, and I see alot of information about how to remove the bowl cover if you have leaking fuel, but nothing explaining how the float actually works and how to adjust it to not let so much fuel come in that it overfills the carb.

  2. ra42mario

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    eh its fixed. I just had to gently wiggle the two prongs around. They got jammed up I guess on the impact of the bike falling.
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    Hi ra42mario, Glad you got it working. For future reference/education....
    When assembled, gas enters the bowl causing the white float to float up against the 2 prongs/tab lifting the needle plugging the fuel inlet. As you burn gas, the bowl level goes down opening the needle letting more gas into the bowl which repeats the float procedure over and over again.

    You may already know this but im sure there are those who dont. If you ever have fuel constantly pouring out of the air filter see my attachment for future help. graucho :grin5:

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