Box full of CNS parts, upgraded filter for sale/trade

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Fletch, Jan 22, 2011.

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    In this box there are all kinds of parts for the cns including 3 perfect bottom halves (bowls), a good aftermarket air filter (90 degree), One opened rebuild kit, one closed. Extra needles, slides, 4 floats, shifters for chokes, idles screws and all other brass parts, 2 ported CNS intakes, gaskets, etc. etc.

    I was thinking about keeping all this stuff in case I end up with another CNS, but I have really just had a terrible experience with them.

    If someone wants to make me an offer for all of it (I don't want to piece it out), or wants to trade something let's talk. If you want a more itemized and detailed picture I can do that. I also have at least one other cable with shifter, carb top, and plunger for choke attached.

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    are these still available
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    Yes, I have a box full of CNS "junk" as I call it. I use a Mikuni VM carb now which is what the CNS was copied from (in fact the Mikuni jets fit it). There isn't a complete working CNS in the box, just a ton of parts/needles/etc. I may keep a couple of the floats because they work in my Mikuni, but if you want this box of stuff just send me $25 paypal plus whatever shipping costs. Where did I get $25? Well there are three Mikuni bottom halves of the carb, and much more than one "rebuild kit" which would be $25 with shipping alone I'm sure. 4-5 needles, gaskets, jets etc. etc. I even bought some Mikuni jets in different sizes I'll include. PM me if you're interested because I'd like to get them out of the garage. Thanks