boy go fast rebuild using statton parts

Discussion in 'Friction Drive' started by wbuttry, Apr 25, 2011.

  1. wbuttry

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    ok guys this is what im doing i wanna use stetton parts and one piece roller on a boy go fast setup here is a video of what i wanna do i would like to get all the feed back i can cause those are expensive parts to buy and i wanna be sure it will work before i blow all that money on the parts so i can go another route

  2. darwin

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    Try Duane at Dax he'll work with ya and he has the kits in now.
  3. Wheres my dog

    Wheres my dog New Member

    Yeppers... try Duane at DAX

    He will work with you and can be of great help in rebuilding that thing with quality parts
  4. wbuttry

    wbuttry Member

    yeah i think i will staton acted like he didnt wanna help me at all so i'll probally will get a complete kit from him i think about trying to get the geared chain drive also you would think staton would be willing to help me but he said why should i help you with something you didnt buy from me and then fussing about some one stealing his design well i thought he might be a good person to deal wit but i guess not . i was gonna spend 50 bucks to start out with come on at least it is a start you know....
  5. roughrider504

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    They totally robbed Staton though, so I could understand the attitude. Staton parts fit perfectly in my Daemon kit.
  6. wbuttry

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    who stole stattons idea i dont know anything about this stuff i know i want my junk fixed so i can use it .
  7. Richard H.

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    They all did, bmp bgf dax.

    Hope you get it worked out asap but I think it's probably gonna work out to be about the same cost as buying the bgf and rebuilding it and going with staton to begin with but without the hassle and downtime.
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  8. rawly old

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    I suppose; how far back in history do you wanna go. the concept's bin around
    a long, long, long time. Personally, I think friction drive is just long as
    you ride only on dry pavement where there are no hills and weigh under 100 pds.
  9. loquin

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    You can drive when it's wet. Just increase the roller pressure, and 'feather' the throttle. In the wet, if you suddenly open the throttle, you can start to spin the roller on the tire. If you do, back off until it 'bites' again, then slowly open it up.

    I'm 300 pounds, and my FD works fine. I peddle to 4-5 mph, give her gas, and away I go.

    And, they work fine on hills. But, like any other bike motor, unless you're 'geared' correctly, you'll have to help out a lot when going uphill... Now, if it's wet, AND you're in the hills, it doesn't work as well.

    Ref the FAQ
  10. rawly old

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    Somehow. i doubt it gets as wet in Arizona as it does here in the rain forest.
    It's not so much just the wet; it's the mix with oily exhaust residue on the busy
    streets and slimy moss on the back streets. Compound that with pine needle & leaf
    litter everywhere and the best fric-drive becomes useless, worse still in mud.
    I love my staton kit, which is why I converted it to a belt drive. As far as hills are
    concerned, those here are 'long' steep grades. In dry weather the Staton was fine
    up to a 1/2 mile grade, but even pedaling like mad you could kill yourself on some
    of grades 'round here.
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