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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by BassFace, Sep 21, 2010.

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    Hello all!:D

    So, assuming my title is too vague, I basically joined this lovely community about 10 minutes ago. In addition, I just purchased the canvas (so to speak) that I will be pouring my artful, loving work into. Hopefully everything turns out alright.:grin5:

    I'll be working on a brand spankin' new 2010 FELT Tip. Got to take it out for a quick spin around montreal today and boy, I cant wait to get a motor on this thing. I've been lurking around the site prior to my purchase and registration just to inform myself a little... So I see that some of you managed to turn the chunky top tube of this thing into the reservoir, for the fuel! Brilliant! I dont really know how to seal off the seat tube and I cant seem to find the/a thread with instructions on doing so.... a link would be much appreciated.

    So the engine I'll be working with is (apparently) an 80cc. I'll be buying it off kijiji (canadian online classifieds) from someone who evidently has a shop called "mini moto depot". Sounds like he knows his stuff. Although he claims one can hit 60kmph with one of these..... :eek:

    Should I just make a new thread for my build?


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    nice intro.

    Yes, feel free to start a build thread.

    Welcome to MBc.
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    Montreal is a beautiful city. Some of those hills coming up from the river might be tough even with an "80".

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    We should meet up. I joined the forum about 10 minutes ago, as well, from my perspective.

    I still have nothing going. I'm still trying to figure out the legality of this here. I know that 49cc scooters are legal without any registration, but I don't know about MBs.

    PM me and maybe we'll get to work on this through the winter. I live in DDO (West Island) and study at Concordia downtown.

    I have plans for not just a simple conversion, but I'm seriously considering the jackshaft option, giving your bike gears, and letting your motor take it easy.

    But seriously, CONTACT ME! I can't wait to get this going. Also see my "Introduce yourself" thread titled "New Montrealer on the MBlock".