Boycott Brittish Petroleum

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    I've noticed that BP's gas prices are 10 cents a gallon higher than everyone else's around here. It appears they're trying to make up their losses from the huge spill in the Gulf of Mexico. They screwed up, damaged our shoreline, our fisheries, our shrimp beds, and who know what the long term damages will be from the oil. I refuse to pay for their mistakes, they should pay the piper for taking cheaper shortcuts on their rigs. I welcome your opinions.

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    Arco is in a partnership with BP. The Arco gas station down the street from me has the cheapest gas in the neighborhood. And by cheap I mean the price and the quality. I won't burn it in my lawn mower.
  3. hear that come over hear and get there petrol. they have been the most out of every station in england. they rip you right off.

    and i heard they water the diesel down had a friend who had issues with his injectors. used another fuel company and they were fine.
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    Arco still exists? I haven't seen one of them in a long time.

    I've always viewed the oil companies a bit differently than many. (Just a little background; I'm a bit of a "regulate big business, protect the environment" type. I'm not really extreme. But I'm definitely a good deal to the left of current American "common wisdom".)

    Yet I've always been kind of grateful to the oil companies. That crude oil in the ground in Libya, Venezuela, Canada, etc. is of no use to me. It's not going to move my car one inch. I need those companies to turn that foreign crude into gasoline that I can buy at my local gas station. And at a price that, even today, is not really all that high.

    The price that refiners pay for that crude is set by what amounts to an auction which seems to be honest. I can't see anyone's thumb on that scale.

    Some individual retailers (who from what I hear profit very little from gasoline sales) set their price a bit higher than their neighbors. (and 10 cents is not much on $4.00) Perhaps they run a cleaner establishment. Perhaps they have a convenient location. Whatever, if they don't have something to offer, then they won't get away with it.

    BP cut corners on that oil rig because they are working in a cut-throat market. They were able to get away with it because our so-called regulators allowed it. Now they might have cut corners even if they did not have tight competition. This is in the shareholders interests and the temptation will always exist. That temptation should be countered by law.

    A side note; the pollution caused by burning fuel should be cleaned up by law.

    Safety in the drilling process and clean up of the burnt by-products should be enforced by regulators with real teeth. How do we finance them? Taxes.

    We need a larger fuel tax, certainly. These costs should also be augmented by a progressive income tax in order to avoid making working people, with no real future, pay 3/4 of the cost.

    The Europeans have been right all along on that fuel tax issue. Note that they certainly have cars, but they're not nearly the captives of the auto that we are. Good balance.
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