Boygofast Axle Mount

Discussion in 'Dealer Reviews' started by prmart, Oct 23, 2011.

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    I wrote a pretty detail review, but while I was waiting for youtube video to load I got kicked off so I won't recreate. If you have decent mechanical skills and tools I would recommend this kit. If you expect simple bolt on only I would avoid. I would give 3 1/2 stars. Youtube video at

    I am quite irritated at this site for:

    1) not allowing me to post a review at review
    2) throwing away my detailed review in general discussion.

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    Your review and recomendation got here just fine. The only other "Review" would be VENDERS REVIEW. As a NEWBIE and probably not a vender you would be excluded from posting there. Not knowing the complete facts of it, I have no clue why your review in general discussion was deleted. And only you and the Moderator know why you were temp. banned.
    Just take it slow and easy untill you get to know the site and it's rules. I also got a 2 day ban when I was a newbie. It does no good to argue with or disrespect a Moderator. Their word is FINAL.
    Big Red.
  3. darwin

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    Go to you tube and comment under the video screen, be happy!
  4. CroMagnum

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    Let me see if I have this right - you've got 3 whole posts here and now you're an expert, irritated that you can't bestow your pearls of wisdom upon us swine? :poop:
  5. Big Red

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    Yeah, Newbies. But hey, We were all Newbies at one time. You pretty much told him the same thing I did, I was just trying to be polite about it. He might be a :poop:, But he also might just be a :idea:.

    We'll see if he's a :jester: or not.
    Big Red
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    You Tube

    RIGHT, Comment on u-tube, Right. Bro, I don't facebook, I don't twitter or flitter or any of that other :poop: that the whole world can look at without joining a forum or anything.
    I DID check out the video and was not very impressed. He made his own master link? SAY WHAT? The things are only a couple bucks, WHY would he do that? And check out that crazy top motor support, Just cheezy. And last but not least, Did you notice the fuel filter, It's upside down. It will work this way, kinda, But not intended to work like this. This guy needs to join our forum and learn some things about M.B.s. And, if you think that guy's bike was impressive enough to mention on M.B.c., you should REALLY start checking out some of the bikes here on this site. Some will just blow your little newbie mind.
    Big Red.
    Check out Gene's bike for one.
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  7. motorpsycho

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    that's a bunch of cobbled together hardware store ****! check the turnbuckle bracket holding the engine on.
    check out how it wheelies away from him when he's off the bike. he's only holding the left hand grip so that tells me that the throttle cable gets pulled too tight when he turns the handlebars and it opens the throttle. THAT'S real safe!!

    That thing has to be left side heavy with that engine hanging off like that.
    An expansion chamber on a 4 stroke? That's effective.

    Custom made u-bolts? Those are parts from a chain tensioner. It's obvious that he had or bought parts for a 2 stroke kit and used them on this thing.
    Home made master link? Why, they're like $4.00 each, but ALL h.t. engine chains come with master links. That's a h.t. chain and sprocket, so where did the original master link go? maybe he ate it?
    Upside down fuel filter and it didn't come with an on/off fuel valve?
    all h.t. tanks come with one but he just used an in line briggs & stratton valve which is ok.
    look close at some of the u-bolts and's obvious that they are from a 2 stroke engine kit. This guy has made NOTHING except for the master link....not sure i'd even trust it!!
    he's just assembled a mish mosh of parts from other kits.

    nice helmet by the way....
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    I agree, BR, we're all newbies at one time. I'm new here. In fact the main reason I read these boards is to learn and gain knowledge to help my own builds - mainly so they don't end up looking like that. :grin5:

    What rubbed me the wrong way about prmart was the way he storms onto the board after one horribly hacked together build and with his second post ever tries to set us all straight. And when he finds out that's not permitted due to some very common forum rules, he starts whining and moaning about how he's being prevented by the evil moderators from gracing us with his vast intelligence.

    If that wasn't prmart's intention, well, that's the way it came across. Which means you have as much experience with bulletin boards as you do with motorized bicycles.

    And you're proud of that video? That's the type of thing you post to Youtube to embarrass your friends, not to flaunt your own abilities, which are questionable at best.

    Now, prmart, don't think we don't appreciate your input. If nothing else, it serves as a cautionary tale of what NOT to do, both mechanically and digitally. So see, your contributions here are both valuable and appreciated. Please, keep them coming.

    You're welcome. :devilish:
  9. Big Red

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    And sometimes something like this video comes along and I get to laugh my a** off. It's OK, A little humor is good for my blood pressure. That video WAS a joke, RIGHT? If not, That makes it even funnier.
    Big Red.
    Wait, I get it now. Its a Video/picture search. Your supposed to watch the video and find all the things you could do wrong when building a M.B. I think Motorpsycho is winning this on points. He spotted more things than anyone else so far.
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  10. motorpsycho

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    yeah, this Is one of those stories that should start out with "so one night after drinking a case of beer....."
    and then the ending would start out with "ok ya'll watch this sh*t!!"