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    I recently acquired an interesting piece of hardware from a buddy of mine...

    It's a Heavy Duty Hub/Axle with threads for freewheels on the left and right side from the notorious ebay seller BoyGoFast - it's not a flip-flop hub, but it's threaded for drive sprockets on both sides similar to the Grubee HD Axle Kit available from various vendors (although this one does not come with the drum brake). He also gave me a freewheeling sprocket which accepts the HT 415 chain.

    This is all well and good, and I'd love to use it, but the spoke holes in the $!@% thing are absolutely ridiculously huge. They're so big that any normal bike spokes I've been able to get my hands on have just slid right through and fell out.

    I don't know a whole lot about lacing a wheel up, but is it economically feasible to use this hub? Has anybody even seen one of these things? My buddy gave it to me because he didn't want to mess with pull starting his engine, but I'm inclined to give it a go if I can figure out a way to build a wheel with it.

    Attached is the BoyGoFast stock image for the product he sells on ebay... probably not of much use, but who knows...

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    BGF Freewheel axle

    Hey Molotov, I know this post is 4 months old, But I just ran across it.
    First, I can't comment on the spoke hole size. I can't see it in the picture. Can you buy a large heavy spoke for it?
    I guess if you want the freewheel effect this should work as well as any other.The difference I see between the two is BGF is a 36 tooth and Gasbike is a 44 tooth. 44 is better off the line while a 36 will give you better top end. You can probably buy about any size you want for it.
    Big Red.
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    If I came from boygofast it is junk that's 99% of what he sells. Regardless do not use boygofast you will regret it
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    BGF buys his chinese junk from the same place everyone buys their chinese junk from, CHINA. The difference is that BGF seems to have a REAL hard time fixing any problems that might arise. But the last time I complained about one of his new style heads he sent me a new head AND a head gasket. I've personally never had a problem with Rick, Not everyone got lucky like me I guess. I've had more problems with other suppliers than I've had with Rick.
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    The purchase of Chinese kits is interesting. Some believe that a Seller that says in his sales info that there are no returns, or that the customer pays return shipping, doesn't mean that. All these engines seem to be pretty much the same. If all the sellers pay $115 for the same thing, one sells for $125, one @$175 and one @$225, the first one can't be eating the cost of repair, yet the last one can just ship another motor, and appear to be a good vender. When you buy cheap, cheap is what you get.
    Gould Battery co. Used to sell a 24mo warrantee battery, 36mo batt, 48mo and 60mo. All were the same battery but with different stickers and prices. It seems like the same deal, lowest price, poorest service.
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    so that is irrelevant.
    as far as shipping I would had no problem paying to ship it back.
    As far as the battery BS.
    Let me ask you this question you go to a store/website you buy there cheapest battery they have it cost at half the price as any other store you get it home/shipped when you try to use it the battery is DOA, you take/ship it back the store and the says we sell our batteries for half the price as any other store/website we do not make them we just sell them If you got a dead one there's no returns even for a new battery.
    It is very easy to have the best price around if you do not stand behind what you sell I myself could live with a AS IS policy if thay had these words on on there wall/website something like this.
    If you purchase a product from us we sell them AS IS we do not and will not guarantee them if you get a bad one your stuck with it.
    But boygofast fast does not do that does he?

    Also If he is going to run the type of business that is going to sell new items AS IT then he need to get off ebay for the simple reason that to be a ebay seller you have to agree with there policies; eBay's seller policy clearly states you must offer a 45 day return on all defective items regardless of what his website says ebay will not let you sell new item AS IS.
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    When he sells you a DOA kit and will not do anything about it remember you was told he sold junk, and does not stand behind what he sells.

    O by the way below is a cut and past from boygofast web page it's far from a AS IS policy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    we offer fully 30-days replacement warranty. Buyer is responsible for shipping about $15.00 depends the items
    we also offer 90 days limited warranty. Buyer is responsible for shipping about $15.00 depends the items (no exception)
    No refund will be offered after 7 days receipt the item (no exception).
    It may take up to 7 business days to process your return after we receive your product.
    Buyer is responsible for the postage when returning the item to us. S&H fee is non-refundable.
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    BGF sells his chinese junk cheaper than others sell their chinese junk, of course he's gonna fight over pennies. I guess the reason I've never had a big problem is that, on the rare occasion I have a problem with ANY vender, I find it quicker, easier and cheaper to just fix it myself, (unless it's something massive.) Not everyone can do this. I've been building bikes for a while now so I have a shop full of new and mostly used M.B. parts. If you want cheap and can take a small chance, BGF is fine. If you can't afford to take that small chance then DON'T order from BGF. Also, I've found the biggest difference in these engines is the bearings. If you want quality then go with a vender the uses Japanese bearings instead of the chinese stuff. Other than that, their all pretty much the same engine kit.
    Big Red.
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