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    I bought the boygofast "80cc" kit on ebay for $119.00. It arrived very quickly and I looked forward to the install. It was comical how poor the components where. The motor was locked, and after taking the magneto cover off I disovered an extra screw left inside was jamming the motor. The chain tensioner was a joke that failed when I tried to start the bike. I threw the tensioner away and further shortened the chain. It then started instantly and I took a quick ride. It quickly ran better and better. It is very powerfull and I feel a big time value. I do feel you must be mechanically inclined to assemble this kit. I am very conservative and this contraption is so fast it is scary. I do worry about the drive chain causing the rear wheel to lock if something failed. At my age I would be hurting badly if I took a spill at 30mph. It makes me think about centrifigal clutches and various different drive systems. I do want to note that the boygofast kit runs so well it is almost as if it is fuel injected. I think it is an amazing value if you are willing to sort out the bugs.



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    Amazing value it is, this I agree with....

    Just my two cents, if you go in and read his negative feedback, and then see his reply to it, it almost seems as if he is trying to intimidate the customer and put them down instead.

    Now granted, reading the negatives we will never know the real story, but it seems as though this gives an impression as to the customer service you would recieve if help was needed.

    Nevertheless, welcome to the world of motorized bicycles!
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    Why not post a review for boygofast in the new review section.

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    I tried before this post. The forum says I do not have enough posts.
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    I consider myself a savy buyer and I knew there would be no customer service. No warranty ETC. When I discovered the motor was locked I thought I had taken a calculated risk that burned me. After discovering it was a small issue all was well. They really where the best deal I could find. It reminds me of a cheap Romanian AK-47 rifle I bought a few years ago. It arrived very rough. After putting a few hundred rounds through it; It performed better then a thousand dollar Colt AR-15. If I could get over my fear of the rear wheel locking, I would ride this thing silly.....
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    Hate to bring it up again....

    Just looked at the boygofast feedbacks and his most negative one is.......

    (buyer entered this) parts missing. will not respond to email.

    (boygofast entered this) this is ebays BS feed back at its finest looser buyer getting away with murder.

    WOW, this is what he thinks of his customers???? I just could not imagine dealing with someone who takes my money and then calls me a looser (spelled wrong by the way).

    I understand calculated risks and all, but......
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    My logic is: This guy is just reselling this Chinese garbage. He probably only made twenty bucks on my purchase. It is the old you get what you pay for. I keep riding mine over and over with a big stupid grin. It is a major POS. I do not however see the unreliable part, yet...
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    He does not have ANY customer service but he does deliver in about three days without fail. In the past I have bought four motors from him and they all need a small amount of tweaking. I would agree, no matter where you get your motor one must have some mechanical ability to assemble and adjust. The idler is always a pain in the #$# for me except for the one bike I got mad at and took my mig welder and made the bracket part of the bike :grin:

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    Another thing to add. I pulled the head while I was trying to figure out why the motor would not turn. The piston and cylinder wall are flawless things of beauty. If the crank and rod look as good, the Chinese spend the money where it really counts.
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    well malcom i am glad you are mechanically i have seen many a variety of happytime engine and they all have their "bugs" if you of the reasons most of the pnw riders here have i still have my tired dax purchased last year...i will be switching soon but the bills are first mistake was a rack mounts will be the new craze imo...good luck and enjoy the ride...
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    I bought my first happy time engine from livefastmotors and DID get customer service from them. One of my engine mount studs came out while I was riding it, and they put a couple in the mail and shipped em to me without cost.
    I did loctite em but I used the blueand I think these need the red stuff.
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    I got an engine kit from Boygofast and it was delivered fast and exactly as advertised. I had no problems with installing it and I am not the most mechanically inclined person. I have no special tools with the exception
    of a chain tool. I do agree about the chain tensioner pulley being ****.
    My advice there would be if you can get your chain to clear your frame,
    remove enough chain links so the chain is tensioned on it's own and don't
    mount the tensioner at all. It will run much smoother.