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Discussion in 'Dealer Reviews' started by artik, Apr 23, 2009.

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    I just ordered a long exhaust and a brake/clutch lever from boygofast on Ebay. These guys are freaking awesome! I emailed a question, it was answered quickly.

    I told him I needed it by this weekened and requested a estimate of ship time, they just told me it would be done. I ordered both parts monday, they gave me their discount for shipping multimle parts and the next day i got a tracking number. I figured... "O great... usps now i have to check in on it for a week and a half till it gets here..."

    The package arrived TODAY (2 days from purchase) while I just finished everything else on my bike other than those two part installations. The USPS driver caught me in the garrage and handed me the parts. These guys have a lifetime buyer for sure, I had to spread the good word.

    I don't mean to advertise for them, but they deserve some recognition of this fantastic service.

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    hi artik
    we have a vendor section here with boygofast listed there for reviews

    glad that you are having fun and HAPPY

    ride the motor bike THING