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  1. Anton

    Anton Administrator Staff Member

  2. autobo7

    autobo7 Member

    I ordered a 80cc engine kit from this vendor. The ship time was about 4 days. The box was packed well and arrived undamaged. The engine was in fine shape and came to life as soon as i got the fuel mixed thoroughly. My only complaints are that I didnt like the clutch lever, but its was simply a poor piece or hardware and the head bolts had been over tightened and were slightly deformed. I think both of the problems are not the fault of boygofast though. Overall A good transaction
  3. lennyharp

    lennyharp Member

    I got a couple of 50 slant head kits and a lot of parts from him. He answers email, and ships fast and well packed. My only complaint is about the quality of the overall kits that is the same with all vendors of this type kit. I am hoping the kits will improve as we keep using them. I would love to have a bit more quality and durability built into these kits. I only paid about $150.00 delivered to my door and this would need to be multiplied 4 times for some kits so the price would go up I am sure if the quality went up.
  4. MoonHog

    MoonHog Member

    Do *not*...I repeat DO *NOT* buy from BGF (a.k.a. Rick Shi).

    Let me give you my experience with these people. I bought several engines off of ebay. I boughts from Yesscomm, BGF, Power king, and Zippy Bikes in an attempt to find a vendor with the best quality engine, best service, and best install and go setup. I paid exactly the same for each engine kit (so 'you get what you pay for', doesn't apply here). $139.00.

    All of the vendors were great, and I had little to no problems with any of them. The ones I did have a problem with quickly replaced parts....that is, except Boy Go Fast (Rick Shi).

    Upon opening the (undamaged) package, I found quite a few things that made my heart sink. The first thing I noticed was that the rear sprocket was a piece of junk. It was not the chrome plated plate sprocket as shown in the pictures, and that comes with every other bike. It was a flat piece of junk that looked like somone cut it out with a grinder, scratched it up, then tried to paint over the deep scratches. The carburetor also was not the one pictured, and instead of the nice black plastic air box that every other kit comes with, and was pictured online, it has a cheapo tin piece of junk that rattled. I then pulled the engine out and noticed that the fins were bents. Now the package arrived without a dent, but the fins were bent, so I'm not going to blame UPS for this one. It was like that before it was shipped. The packaging was terrible, and parts were rolling aroiund in the bottom of the box because of a rip in the plastic bag that all of the parts were literally thrown into. I was also missing the secondary nuts for the rear sprocket.

    I sent an e-mail to Rick Shi as Follows:

    "Hello, I received the engine kit in the mail a day or two ago, and finally got around to opening it. I have to say I am very dissapointed. I have bought several of these kits now, and this one is terrible. The rear sprocket you sent is not the standard sprocket I have received with *every* other kit, and is not the one pictured online. It is completely flat, and scratched up (under the paint). This will cause the chain to be out further than it should be and misaligned. The carburetor you sent is *not* the one I have received with every other kit, and is not the one pictured online. It is a piece of junk, with a cheap tin filter attached to it, instead of the black plastic cover. All of the small parts were thrown into a bag, and I'm missing the lock nuts for the rear sprocket that comes with *every* other kit. The casting on the engine is horrible, and some of the heat vents are bent. I'm not sure if you took all of the junk parts out of all of your other kits and sent it to me, but I sincerely hope this was an unusual occurance, and that you will make this right. I'm assuming that you get these, and just ship them out without looking in the box. I'm an active member on, and I really don't want to give a bad review if this was an accident.

    Please let me know how I need to proceed.


    This was their response:

    "thank u email us.
    some parts may not pefect. if u think u don't like the flat sprocket. please return to get the replacment.

    reply if u has any question. thanks

    by the way, we are not care people talk to us in (motored)

    we can not satisfy every one


    So, their customer service also stinks.

    I tried to get a refund from Paypal, but they make it agonizingly painful to get a refund, and after some time it was costing me more to get my money back than it was worth, so I cancelled the dispute.

    I went back to the box, and tried to put the parts on a 'junk' bike I wouldn't be giving to anyone.

    Here is what I found.

    The gas tank leaked around the brass welded pipe, so I had to JBWeld it. The fuel petcock leaked (however this has happened with *every kit* I've bought except one). The metal arc retainers for the rubber gaskets that you attach the sprockets with were not cut correctly, and I had to grind them down so they would fit. The chain tensioner, although one of the nice roller bearing kinds was cut wrong, and the bolt on the other side was stopping the roller from rolling at the lowest level, which is where you should *always* start from. The adjustment screw on the throttle twister was stripped, and I found out that the package also was missing the exhaust gasket.

    So....long story short Do *NOT* buy from boy go fast. The owner is an a**hole, and his product is garbage.

    Now on a positive note, I did buy a couple kits now from PKS (Power King Shops). I've bought their limited kits, and they are awesome. If you are gong to buy a kit on e-bay, and want a good deal, search for 49cc limited on e-bay, and buy from pks. You won't be dissapointed.

    Oh, I forgot to mention. The 'c' clip on the throttle lever also came off after about two squeezes, and the lock and spring popped onto the ground.

    There almost wasn't 1 single piece in this kit that wasn't f'd up in some way, shape or form.
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  5. Skyliner70cc

    Skyliner70cc Active Member

    Every kit I have purchases has has a bent or broken cooling fin on the head. The engines themselves run well. Fit and finish is average. Gas tank finish is poor and not as good as other kits. Every gas tank has had dents in it (more like dimples).

    My last kit had head bolts that were stripped from the acorn nuts used on the top. I replaced the studs and all was ok. Power on last kit is disappointing and I hope it improves as I put more miles on the bike. Engine break in was much quicker on other kits.
  6. cspaur13

    cspaur13 Member

    ordered new clutch lever and throttle and throttle cable. decent products. wee better than the ones i got in the zone8 cycling kit and shipping was alright. overall it was average or good.
  7. machiasmort

    machiasmort Active Member

    Just making sure everybody hears this. Do *not*...I repeat DO *NOT* buy from BGF (a.k.a. Rick Shi).
    I won an auction on E-bay for a 70cc kit. My PayPail address was not verified, so Shi refused the transaction through PP although my feed back is stellar. We settled on taking care of the transaction by M/O.
    I made the mistake of taking a man on his word. I recieved a beautifuly packaged kit with bent fins and stripped (in the block) head bolts. The piston was also siezed.
    Shi ducked my numerous calls and e-mails until E-bay gave me another number to call. I realized that he was screening his calls and used a different phone. Upon answering, Shi realized it was me and the man on the other end who spoke nearly perfect English when arranging the transaction could now only speak broken Chinese.
    The matter unresolved, I complained to E-bay and was unable to get a refund.
    The motor is currently running after weeks of work, thanks to this board and a few of it's vendors.
    Rick Shi is missing a "T" on the end of his last name.
  8. possenti

    possenti Member

    Since I've joined here, I've bought 4 engine kits from BGF - 2 for me, 2 for my buddy. All kits were of equal quality. I have not bought from other vendors, so I really have nothing to compare to. I would rate them as sufficient (average). Nothing broken, nothing missing. Shipping was fast - within a week.

    Here's my main complaint: About a week ago, I messaged BGF through ebay about getting free shipping on a 36t sprocket. I was willing to pay the $20 for the item, but asked him to waive the $10 shipping, and reminded him that I had already bought 4 engines from him. Seems fair enough. No reply. I then used the "make offer" feature on ebay, and within a day I got an email that said the offer was declined.

    I then decided to shop around for another vendor, and remembered Dax from this site, so I ordered a sprocket from him. It's even a few bucks cheaper and I'm glad to patronize vendor/members here. Heck, I even would have paid a little more to NOT order from BGF just on principle alone.
  9. Hawaii_Ed

    Hawaii_Ed Member

    Bought a 4 liter tank from him on E-bay, arrived with a stuff of bubble wrap in the box, and seriously scratched and banged up. I did a repaint, but a new part should not need it. Very shoddy packaging.
  10. His kit was my first kit ever
    and it was great it had a pull starter and everything
    i had no tweaked fins or anything
    and i got my kit at my door in 3 days with free shipping
    so i give BGF a 5 outta 5
  11. cpuaid

    cpuaid Member

    Bought (2) kits from BGF. First kits was a 49CC frame mount slant head kit. Good power but started leaking oil from spark plug hole. Tried 5 different spark plugs but it still kept leaking. Second kit was a 66CC frame mount slant head kit. Seized up on me all of a sudden within 30 days but vendor refused to give me replacement. Stated it seized due to lack of lubrication. Had been using Lucas semi-synthetic with break in mixture of 16:1. haven't gotten around to tearing it down yet to see whats up.
    Bought 36T sprocket which was a piece of junk. Had to file down the all of the teeth until chain could seat properly. Sprocket was flat and teeth were extremely thick. Buyer beware if your engine dies on you after 7 days.
  12. radrob

    radrob Member

    i will never buy a kit from him again. well i guess i cant any way

    bought a 80 cc kit looked fine but after installing and ruin a few hours had a bad gasket where the engine case halfs come together. leaking crankcase pressure. this was in the first 2 days of riding.
    the only way to fix this is to totaly tear down engine. and replace this gasket.
    he would not replace engine.
    after tearing it down found out the gasket had a fold in it during the building process.
    played dumb on emails for a week with replys that did not apply to my problum. like try tightining the intake manifold? and would not even give me a gasket set for free. i had to pay $5 and now he blocked me from bidding on his stuff. he also has a different name he sells the same stuff on ebay under also.
    cant remember the name now.
  13. tacoshell4

    tacoshell4 Member

    I purchased an 80cc from leb aka bgf the motor is a pizhou yongxing aka jet minus the big mount and the extended clutch arm this kit was packaged beautifully the motor runs like out of control verry happy with my purchase everything went smoothly and shipped to my door within 5 days thanks.. same kit as the powerking down to the box.. will def do buisness again soon
  14. retromike3

    retromike3 Member

    boy won't go

    I will admit that my boy go fast was a learning experience. Every single part of that kit failed. First the carb leaked then the CDI quit. THen it started to leak oil out of the crank part of the engine. The throttle had a short in the kill switch wire and eventually broke into pieces. Also the gas tank leaked out of a crack in one of the mounting bolts.

    I made the mistake of following the instructions when it said to torc the head nuts to fifteen pounds because of the the nuts striped.

    After about three hundred miles it swallowed a internal component and seized outright. Other than that it worked perfectly.

    Mike Frye- the bike guy
  15. stealthc9

    stealthc9 Member

    I had a wonderful experience and my motor still runs strong.
  16. Whizzerd

    Whizzerd Member

    I've had good luck w/ BGF. Better than the two Grubee engines I've used. Better hardware, MUCH better instructions and cheaper price. Mr. Shi's Ebay rating is high and he's been there for over a decade. If you want outstanding service AFTER the sell, consider paying more with one of the forum sponsers. Dax, Pirate, etc.. For me, BGF works great.
  17. james65

    james65 Member


    I have bought several kits from them. Had a few minor problems but they worked it out with me. The biggest drawback is thier shipping prices with no means of combining shipping cost with different items. That problem has caused me to go elseware for certin items. I generaly only order items from them that are free shipping. overall I gave them exellent.
  18. Gh0stRider

    Gh0stRider New Member

    I have purchased many kits from BGF. Kits are good quality. (relatively speaking, as far as these kits go)
  19. DuctTapedGoat

    DuctTapedGoat Active Member

    Negative BoyGoFast Review

    I purchased two items from BoyGoFast earlier this summer.

    The first thing I ordered was two exhaust gaskets. I do take responsibility in my part of this - I hadn't ordered from eBay in 3 years, and my shipping address was way wrong. Immediately, I attempted to make contact with the seller to inform him of my mistake, and to update the proper shipping address (within 5 minutes). He did not respond in any form, and I had posted a phone number and email address asking him to contact me back to let me know that he had received my message. He did not contact me back. Three days later, it is shipping - to the next town over. I contacted the post office, and was told I could put a hold on it for a couple days at the post office. Strangely, the package didn't even go to Meridian ID (the old address that was incorrect) - it had gone from Boise ID straight back to California. He refused to refund my money, even though the product was returned to him, and eBay ended up reimbursing me for my loss. He would not speak to me, and when speaking with eBay support, he demanded that he not be held responsible, that I did not contact him until it had already shipped, and that he demanded eBay remove my negative feedback. From how he wrote when talking to eBay, he had very broken English - but even through the grammatical errors, it was not hard to see that he was being stubborn, rude and childish.

    I ordered a second thing from him that night after I sent the email requesting the shipping correction, which was the 36H hub and axle and 36T freewheel sprocket. It came without a hitch... until I took it to the local bike shop to get it laced up. The spoke holes weren't a standard 14G, they're 8G (I was so excited to finally have a dual drive/positrack hub I didn't notice). Well, it took me more than 90 days to save money to cover spokes/nipples, labor and a new hoop, so when I took it in to the shop it was too late to contact BoyGoFast and confront him on selling multiple hubs without listing the spoke hole gauge. I see this as incredibly shady business practice.

    I would suggest never going through BoyGoFast! He operates shady business practice, will not speak with the customer one on one, denies any responsibility for fault, and does not give full specifications on his wares.
  20. wbuttry

    wbuttry Member

    i've bought 3 kits off rick and hundreds of dollars for extra parts to have on hand i bought a 66cc still running today that was aug of 10 a 49cc oct 10 and a frictin kit april 11 all fast shipping all parts correct and answers emails always for me he has sent me free spare parts that was needed for the frictin kits new 20 dollar bearing from napa a replacement shaft a new roller and a new clutch bell all for free he even paid shipping for me so i half to say good and by the way he is a drop shipper he doesnt open product he gets order it is faxed to his warehouse and then sent only time package sees daylite is when it was boxed up and when u open it it is not ricks fault that not all of it is in perfect shape it is put in a container and shipped to the us .