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  1. Hello all,

    Just introducing myself. I'm in the process of building up my first motorized bike and my first frame-build all in one shot. Right now it's a roller, but the gearbox should be mounted up this weekend. A couple of photos below.

    I'm a writer by profession, but grew up in the socal desert-racing world and so have been impersonating a metal fabricator since my teenaged years.

    The bike you see pictured below will hopefully be completed by march, where it will then be ridden from Bozeman, Montana to San Diego, California, then along the Mojave trail, then back to Bozeman. If everything goes according to plan, however.

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    Someone with some writing skills and knows the difference between pedaling and "peddleing";and brakes and "breaks"! Etc. and so on. Oh, and etc. and "ect."
    I like the stretched look of the frame.
    You MUST keep us posted on your progress.
    Almost forgot, If you don't know in Bozeman, DO get to know them.
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