BP6HS + HIgh Performance Plug Wire

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by jl0131, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. jl0131

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    I just bought my self a BP6HS + HIgh Performance Plug Wire. i was just wondering what you guys think i should gap the plug at. everything else is pretty much stock. im almost done with the break in cycle and what im really looking for is low end torque.

    what else would you recommend i do for more pull out of the motor?

    where can i get some stronger intake and exhaust studs?

    Thanks again

  2. fetor56

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  3. retromike3

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    Plug wire

    I got a hotter plug (NGK) and a better wire. I put the gap at .25 and it seemed to work better than the stock one.

    As for the studs I went to the hardware store and got some 6mm threaded stock and made my own studs. They are probably not as strong as I need them to be but they are long enough so I can put two nuts on them so my exhaust pipe wont rattle off. I think sick bike parts sells hardware for that, but I am not sure.

    I am sold on a tuned exhaust pipe they are not super cheap but they do really work. That and high pressure tires (26 1.5) seem to help.:D
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    yea everyone seems to love the pipe but im really trying to spend a bunch of money on the bike. its not like i daily drive it or anything its just a toy for me.

    i saw the hardware kit but really just wanted the intake and exhaust studs.

    i was looking around lowes the other day but couldnt find anything that would fit the thread pitch.

    i snapped one of my exhaust bolts so i replaced it with a regular bolt and cant really tighten it that much with out it stripping to ****.
  5. retromike3

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    the question is: how tight is tight?

    I think the problem is not that the bolt it too weak, but how tight do you need to torque it down so it won't rattle off. There has to be a happy medium somewhere. With all of the vibration on these motors I would like to know it myself.:detective:

    If you find out, let me in on the secret.

    thanks, Mike :confused:
  6. Pablo

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    0.020" works well for me.
  7. jl0131

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    its not that i think the bolt is too weak. it just loosens like crazy after every ride because its an actual bolt instead of a stud and a nut. and when i try to tighten the bolt it just seems to strip a little so i dont dare to tighten it too much.

    but if anyone has a source online or has a few extra they want to sell me let me know. i really dont want to have to buy that whole hardware kit at sbp.

    i still havnt hooked up the plug wire and the plug though ill let you guys know if theres really any gain when i get it on.
  8. Al.Fisherman

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    I'm sure you meant .025 (25 thousands) and not 1/4 of a inch. As far as studs, there are two easy ways of doing what you need. Lowes has NO metric studs... so you can take a 6mm (grade 8.8) bolt and cut the head off. Put a nut or two on before you cut the head, file or grind the cut end smooth and when you remove the nuts it will finish cleaning the threads. When installing studs like intake, exhaust and cylinder, I use a drop or two of lock tite. 6mm studs in aluminum need to be torqued from 3-5 foot pounds...36-60 inch pounds...I use 50 inch pounds. On the cylinder 8mm studs go for 10-17 foot pounds or 120-204 inch pounds...I use 125-150 inch pounds.