Brakes brake and hub problems

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by rylekyans, Jun 6, 2009.

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    so I've been looking all over town for a brake to fit my huffy cranbrook, and every bike shop is telling me I'm not gunna find a brake thats gunna fit my bike. Is this true? I cant find any posts on here that tell me exactly what brake will fit a stock cranbrook.

    Also, I tried to take apart my coaster brake hub today (on my cranbrook) because it felt like it was getting hung up on something when it would coast. and of course, while taking it apart, some bearings fell through the crack of my wood deck. AGHHHH it seems like everythings going wrong with my first build. Whats the simplest way I can fix up my hub?

  2. Mountainman

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    would think that you can find a side pull brake
    in the old bicycle shop we carried all lenths
    so as to fit almost any bike

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    Too late to do you any good right now, but remember this simple rule whenever taking apart any assembly with non-caged bearings - apply a strong magnet to the shell! Alwaysd, or you'll be cursing yourself as you hunt bearings - and you'll never find all of them.
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    Are you looking for caliper brakes? Any side pulls that would fit a BMX bike should fit a cruiser. That what I used. The height of the wheel really doesn't matter, just the size of the tire/rim cross section. In that case, any bike with 2.00 or 2.125 tires will have about the same cross section whether 20" (BMX) or 26" (cruiser).