Brake Arm for Coaster bikes

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by Xtrm84, Feb 24, 2008.

  1. Xtrm84

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    I have to remove my break arm to put my rear sprocket on, this is my first installation so I dont know how to remove it. Any links would help thanks!

  2. Just use some muscle. It's been a while but I believe that's a rather large nut keeping that on there. Wow. I really don't remember if that puppy is even reverse thread.
    That right there could be why it won't budge.
    In any event,there's a nut holding it down.
    Try this.
    Flip your bike upside down so it sits on your handlebars and seat.
    Loosen your rear wheel nuts still on your bike but leave your coaster lever attached to your frame. That will give you leverage. Then with channel locks or even with a pipe wrench if you can get it in there,try loosening it.
    Then when the nut's off the arm just falls out.
    But it could be reverse thread.
    What's the verdict on this?
  3. Xtrm84

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    Ya, I gave it the good ol' college try, no movement. It is a 2006 Firmstrong Urban cruiser and the nut that is keeping this puppy on is 17mm. No pipes laying around so Ill need a different take.
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    not reverse thread. pics of the basic assembly here:
    ...use anything that will give you leverage on the's only a mechanical matter of loosening the nut.

    if you have any more questions, please continue the discussion in the existing topic :)