Brake Cable Clamp?


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5:08 AM
Apr 9, 2008
Glendale, AZ, USA
The GruBee 4 cycle kit I am building has a dual brake lever. It just has two holes drilled through it to pass plain end cables. The existing cables (Schwinn Searcher) have the pencil eraser ends, which obviously will have to come off? There must be some kind of clamp made for plain ends. What am I looking for? Thanks,

Sorry, I should have been more direct. Do they have a specific name? Sometimes that helps with personal who aren't quite mechanics. ) Jim
Thanks for the suggestion, but I think doohickies are to large. My feeling is that hassenbrands or flipsinscrews might fill the bill.

One thing for sure about this forum is, if I don't know something, I can probably find a lot of company here.

Keep you tires down and handle bars up.


Pinch bolt?

I'm not sure, but I think you might be talking about a "pinch bolt" (or "cable clamp")...
They're VERY common in various styles on many bikes.
You can make your own with a bolt, nut and washer or buy them at bike shops.
You can also pull them off old bikes you have laying around. That's what I do!

I hope this helps.

Steve G
Grants Pass, Oregon
I picked up three at one of our better local bike shops. The envelope says "Diatech Balla / Fiesta Bullet (cable anchor)". $1.99 each. Brass body with a hex end. Threaded hole down to the cable hole and a stainless steel hex set screw. Worth the price to be able to get them apart later. They had them in their BMX area which use them.

Not sure about the first part of the name, may be Swiss (don’t the Swiss speak German?) as the owner is Swiss and the shop is Swiss American Bicycle Center. )

Of interest to anyone wanting to operate both brakes without changing the lever, they had an inline two to one fitting, again in the BMX dept.

Thanks for the help and suggestions. Got my new 56 tooth driven sprocket in the mail today and installed it on the wheel a while ago. It is less than 1mm out in both planes. On to mounting the engine.